The Last Great Run of 2013

So naturally I had to get in one last run before the New Year, and it was my best 3 mile run thus far….well as far as timing goes.

I recently started running with my friend, Paige. She ran the Iron Girl this year and offered to run it with me next year. As part of the training schedule, we planned to get a run in today; however,  work held her up, so I decided to tackle one last run of 2013 on my own.

With all of my training recently I am either at the gym or on the pavement between 5:30 am and 6:00 am, (6:30-7:00 am on Sundays) so for me I am used to running in the darkness or as the sun is rising, and with very little movement from the world. On my run today, I did not hit the pavement till about 3:00 pm. Thankfully the weather was cooperative with overcast sky and a temperature of only 66 degrees.

A beautiful 66 degrees here in Florida.
A beautiful 66 degrees here in Florida.

Though it was still very bright for an overcast day and there was a heavy stream of traffic among people and cars. The exhaust from the cars and the smell of fresh cut grass did not help with my asthma. Now before my family gets too concerned, I have received the OK from my primary physician to proceed with the running. Surprisingly running has helped with my asthma, with the exception of runs filled with exhaust, etc.

My first mile was a fast one and my best mile yet with a record of 10:06. I knew this was very fast for me and that I was going to need to slow myself down to continue. Here is a breakdown of the rest of my run:


Looking back on my running history for 2013 I have logged just under 116 miles since September. I am very excited to see how far I have come and how far I will go with my running in the 2014 year.


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