A Simple and Stylish GPS That Captures Every Mile.

Every year I face the dilemma on what to ask for, for Christmas.  This year I decided to ask for a GPS running watch.

Now that I am running more and longer miles I needed something to help me keep my overall time, my average pace and most importantly my distance.

Sure enough on Christmas Day was a box with my name on it and in that box was the Garmin Forerunner10. A leading worldwide provider of navigation, Garmin offers a wide array of products to track, explore and share your fitness activities online.

Pretty sweet watch if you ask me.
Pretty sweet watch if you ask me.

Let me tell you, this baby is awesome! First and foremost, I love the style of it. It’s the lightest and most comfortable to wear watch. It’s simple and the features are not overwhelming. With a battery life of 5 hours in training mode, I generally keep it turned off when I am not running so I am not having to consistently charge it; though the battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion.

Upon powering it up I press the run button allowing a few moments to gather my location. As I transition into my run the watch monitors my progress and notifies me at every mile with the pace time for that mile. Upon completion of my run the data stored contains the number of miles, overall time, average pace time as well as the total calories burned. It even informs me of my personal records such as fastest mile and fastest 5k.

Recap of my run.
Recap of a run I did a few weeks ago.

From there the data is stored in memory and when I am ready, which is usually after every run, I connect the watch to my computer to upload the information to my profile on the Garmin Connect™ site.

My dashboard.
My dashboard, it gives details on my elevation, the weather, my timing, etc.

I love being able to review, analyze, and compare my runs with this software. To see my progress and how I am improving from run to run provides me with motivation. I would highly recommend the Garmin Forerunner 10, and any other product of Garmin, to anyone who is interested in monitoring their fitness.


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