Iron Girl Training Recap: Week 1

Iron Girl Weekly Recap Header

Well, last weekend I took the plunge and registered for Iron Girl Clearwater! This was my first ever half marathon and here I am returning to the event as my fourth half in a year! Those bridges are a beast so I am hoping to include more inclining training this time around. I would love nothing more to PR on this event and by PR I mean break my previous time for this race only which is 2:37:52. Anything else would be a nice surprise! My current PR is 2:32:43. 

With only six weeks till the event, after a much needed full week off after Princess, it was time to get back into training. 

 Monday: I enjoyed the last of my time off and began to mentally prepare myself for the next six weeks. 

 Tuesday: 4 miles followed up with 10 minutes of upper body strengthening. I thought I was going have a hard time waking up that morning but I prepared everything the night before and when the alarm went off a 5am there was no hitting the snooze.


Wednesday: 3 miles followed up with 10 minutes each of lower body and core strengthening. I am trying to incorporate more lower body strengthening than just running to aid in the decrease of muscle fatigue when it comes to battling these bridges at Iron Girl.

 Thursday: 3-2-1 speed workout with Sam. I fell off the radar lately with these workouts and Sam has never done them before, so we hit pavement after work. We took it easy with a beginner 3-2-1 workout. I figured since I was coaching Sam through it, it was still a speed workout for me but I wasn’t expecting the results I received. I ran my fastest mile AND fastest 5K, coming in at exactly a sub-30 with a distance of 3.11. Sam was shortly behind me a minute with her fastest mile and fastest 5K.

Friday: Rest day. 

 Saturday: 10 mile run with some incline training on one of the bridges featured in the upcoming race. Sam is considering registering and running the race so she joined me for this run to be sure her knee could handle the bridges.

Sunday: Rest day. 

Total miles logged this week: 20.1

Total miles logged in Iron Girl training: 20.1

 Do you or have you ever struggled getting back into training after taking some time off? How did you bounce back into the swing of things?


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