Iron Girl Training Recap: Week 2

Iron Girl Weekly Recap Header

Week 2 is in the books! I don’t know about all of you, but the time change seriously had me thrown off last week. What was a typically 5am alarm to get my run in before work, was a 4am alarm internally, and my body has made sure to let me know around 3pm. Lol.

I had another great week of workouts, with my pace slowly getting a little bit faster with each run. I am trying to be more consistent in incorporating other workouts to strengthen and tone other areas that could be beneficial in tackling those bridges and I’ve come to realize it is helping, a lot.

Monday: 30 minutes of vinyasa flow yoga. This was intended to be a rest day but with the time change it still felt really early in the day upon coming home from work so I felt like doing a light endurance activity.

Tuesday: 4.60 mile “race pace” run, where I once again ran my fastest 5K taking :30 seconds off last Thursday’s result. I didn’t have much time after my run to get any cross training in before I had to get ready for work, so I just did some stretching and 10 minutes of yoga to open up the hips and stretch the calves and hammies.

Wednesday: 3 mile run followed up with 30 minutes of cross training focusing on the glutes/hamstrings and core.

Thursday: 3-2-1 fartlek workout with Sam. I took it a little too far with the strength training in my glutes yesterday that I was definitely feeling it as the day progressed on,  I didn’t know how well the speed work would pan out. Turns out I took almost another :40 seconds off my 5K time from Tuesday.

Thursday also marked exactly 30 days till race day!

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: 11 mile run on a flat course with a very small bridge. It was a very warm morning with a high percentage of humidity and I definitely did not hydrate as well as I should have the day before but I still managed to complete the run in under 2:00 and maintain an 10:50 pace.

Total miles logged this week: 21.81

Total miles logged in Iron Girl training: 41.91

What is the weather like where you are? Does a sudden change in the weather affect your run?


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