Gasparilla Training Recap: Week 14


Race recaps to follow, but for now the final days leading up to race weekend and how I prepared for it.

Monday: 2 mile run before CG. It was HIIT week so I tried to be smart about how much I was overexerting myself. Thankfully the workout was more strength based with light shakeout runs in between sets.

Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: Rain hindered our pre-camp run so just the workout today. We started out with a weighted walking lunge warm up lap. I was concerned with the overuse of my glutes leading up to muscle soreness but thankfully it wasn’t two bad in the days following. Again, the workout it’s self was more weighted work with a tabata twist on it. Since we couldn’t run, we modified the cardio with burpees and star jumps…100 burpees and 50 star jumps later, I was thankful for the minimal impact on the joints.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: Rest day AND Expo/packet pick up day!!Saturday: Ultra Amber Challenge day 1/2 – Gasparilla 15K and 5K.

Sunday: Ultra Amber Challenge day 2/2 – Gasparilla Half Marathon.

Miles logged Week 13: 27.77 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 281.71 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge: 305.48 miles

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