Could a knee injury sideline me from running Disney?

Hi there, I just thought I would give you all a quick update on my knee. After spending most of the morning yesterday debating if I should go to the orthopedic urgent care, I did. My employer let me leave the office around 3:30pm and I made my way over to Tampa to the Florida Orthopedic Institute, great place by the way! Thanks to my friend Kim for recommending it.

After filling out all the fun paperwork to be entered into their system and handing them over my piece of plastic to make my co-pay (which wasn’t bad actually!) it was about a 20 minute wait before I was called to be taken down for X-Rays. I had never had an X-Ray done prior to this, except for the dentist, so it was a new experience for me, but went super quickly! From there it was only a 5 minute wait before I was called back to a room.

It was probably a good 20-30 minutes before the physician assistant actually came in. I pretty much gave him a play by play of the last three weeks since the pain first occurred and everything I’ve been doing to care for the injury. We reviewed my X-Rays and everything looked great. Next I hopped up onto the table and he did some cross examination and stretching on my knee. He also tried different pressure points around the knee but everything felt and find and comfortable to me.

In the end the physician assistant could not find anything truly wrong with my knee. It’s possible that as I increase my mileage, the fatigue sets in and my form could be contributing to the pain but we don’t know that for sure. So what does that mean for this girl? Well, I am going to continue icing and taking an anti-inflammatory. I am also going to incorporate some at home rehab exercises that are used on people for runners knee to strengthen the knee and hips. I’m also going to start running with a knee brace. Yes, that does mean I’ve been given the all clear to continue running, and run the full marathon. We discussed that I can push the limit within my own pain tolerance.

With one more long run left, this is my chance to try some new things. For starters the knee brace, which I picked up on my way home last night and will test out on some of my short distance runs this week. Second of all, try applying biofreeze mid run, as I’ve heard they will be supplying this throughout the course. If anyone has any additional suggestions, comment below!

I am very thankful that the outcome gave me hope for the next 33 days and that I still have the opportunity to run Disney. Please send positive thoughts my way that I can make it through this race without a DNF (Did Not Finish) and with as little pain as possible!

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