National Running Day 2014!

Happy National Running Day to all my fellow runners! Today is our day 🙂

photo 3I run for many reasons:

-It is definitely cheaper than therapy!

-Because it has brought new friendships into my life

-For the calm Saturday morning runs with nothing but the sunrise and the views of the water

-For the race medals! 😉

any many more…


To celebrate this grand day dedicate to us I started off with a 3 mile run before work. I ventured out to other neighborhoods around me to try and develop other running routes; and I had beautiful views of the sunrise like the picture shown below.

photo 1

I even ran my best 3 mile since my half!

National Running Day

While this is one of my more shorter posts, it was much needed for the occasion!

So to all my running companions, how did you celebrate the day?


One thought on “National Running Day 2014!

  1. I actually didn’t run today, I did yoga!! Haha! But I’m sticking to my training plan which started this week and that has me running Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Good for you running today though!!

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