Race Recap: Kiwanis Midnight Run 5K

My recent race to compete in was the Kiwanis Midnight Run, the 5k option. This race takes place on July 3rd/July 4th in Dunedin and takes you out onto the Dunedin Causeway. I had the option of registering for either the 5k or the 10k, both being the same price. I opted for the 5k as while I know I’ve done two 10ks and exceeded 6 miles in my training for a half, I have not yet battled a distance like that in this Florida summer weather.

The weather on race night was 77 degrees with 89% humidity and very little wind movement, making me very thankful to only have sign up for the 5k (though, go figure the 10kers get the breeze! lol) I was very happy to see that they provided additional water stops than most 5ks. It almost threw me for a loop as I am used to the only water stop being about a mile and a half in. Like most races, I started out strong, but a little too strong. My first mile came in at 10:42, which is a slower first mile than some of my recent races but it did not help me as I was struggling a bit come mile 3. With an average pace of 11:18/mile I came across the finish line at 35:23, which I consider to be a pretty good time considering the weather conditions.

Not the most flattering race picture but as you can tell it was a HOT run!
Not the most flattering race picture but hey it’s a decent action shot and as you can tell it was a HOT run!

My fellow runner friends, Barbara and Allison, were participating in this race and registered for the 10k option. The 5k and 10k follow the same route and with very minimal room at the start line, the two runs started at different times. I was happy to see them as I crossed the finish line before they headed over to the start line to get in place for their race. Just as they did for me, I waited and cheered them on as they came down the finish chute.

Group Shot! I love how running has brought so many new friendships into my life :)
Group Shot! I love how running has brought so many new friendships into my life 🙂

A big THANK YOU to TomTom for providing photographers to capture these race moments AND for the free race pics! (Sorry, I cropped them a bit to cut out some of the background noise)

Oh, and what is a better way to end a late night run than a 2am pitstop by IHOP for some breakfast? 🙂


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