It’s Taper Time!

On Sunday I completed the last long run of my training with 12 miles. I definitely am feeling really good so far and a lot more confident that I was for my first half. During my last set of training my longest distance was 10.5 miles and I did absolutely no speed work. This set of training I’ve exceed that. I completed the 12 miles in just under 02:21:00, with a pace of 11:45/mile, not bad considering I was sick last Thursday and Friday and then trying to get back into things on Saturday, I was slowly getting my energy back.

I really haven’t set a definite goal finish time for myself yet. Realistically, I think it is possible for me to finish anywhere between 2:30 and 2:35; but anything under 2:37 will make me super happy.


The event organizer just announced the pace group leaders. I haven’t decided if I am going to try and run with a pace group or just do my own thing. It never fails with every race I start out super fast and it always comes back to bite me miles later. If anything I think I’ll start with the pace group to keep me on track the first few miles and if I am comfortable after a point, stick with the group and if not break away into my own groove. One good thing I can say is my speed and endurance is improving with the fartlek workouts and I can maintain a 10:30 pace for four miles should I shoot out of the start too fast, haha.


As I near the last week of my training I sit in taper town. So far this week I have completed two speed workouts, Race Pace and Fartlek 30-20-10. On Saturday I will get about 5 miles in and then next week I am looking at an easy 45 min run on Tuesday, fartlek 30-20-10 Thursday and easy 20 min run on Saturday before we drive down to Fort Myers for the big day on Sunday! I’m also hoping to squeeze a massage in towards the end of the week 🙂

Do you have any taper time rituals? If so, what are they? A certain speed workout? Yoga session? Maybe a massage?


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