New Year, New Shoes.

On New Years day my friend Sam and I went over to Fit2Run to look into some new shoes. Since I am doing the Glass Slipper Challenge, I’ve read many blog posts from past runners who advise to have two pairs of shoes for race weekend. One reason being to give your feet a break and second to have a second set of shoes should weather not cooperate on the day of the first race. I am generally a one type of shoe girl to train and race in, but in this case, my current Ride 6’s just hit 170 miles. They’d be lucky to even make it race weekend at the rate I am going, lol.

Since this was Sam’s first time at Fit2Run, she did the gait analysis to get fitted for the proper running shoe. Me, not having done this analysis in a couple of years, decided to go ahead and do one to make sure nothing had changed. I am glad I did, turns out I have a bit of a high arch, while still neutral I could be over-pronating on my strides.

My last three pairs of shoes have been by Saucony, so I had opted to stay with the brand as it has done me well. I was fitted for the Guide 7.

Image courtesy of Saucony.
Saucony Guide 7  – Image courtesy of Saucony.

The shoe was very light in weight and had a maximum amount of cushioning for the weight. The stability was definitely there with the arch support. While I was pleased with the Guide 7, I had this feeling that there was a another shoe better suited for my needs. I asked the associate if there were any other shoes that he would recommend for my running style. He suggested trying out Brooks and fitted me for the Adrenaline GTS 15 and the Transcend.

Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 15
Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 15 – Image courtesy of Brooks.
Brooks Women's Transcend
Brooks Women’s Transcend – Image courtesy of Brooks.

I had the Adrenaline on one foot and the Transcend on the other, immediately I ruled out Saucony. The fit of Brooks was much more stable and comfortable that the Guide 7. The question now, which Brooks shoe to pick? The Transcend had a nice cushion to it at the ball of the foot which made me feel like I was running on a cloud but the top of toe box kept denting into my toes whenever I made any notion to take off running. Both the Adrenaline’s and the Transcend’s had very good arch support, but with the issue of the toe box in the Transcend I went with the Adrenaline.

Women's Adrenaline GTS 15


Since I purchased these shoes from Fit2Run, and am a club member, they have a 30 Day Footwear Wear Test guarantee, which means you can run in the new shoes risk free for up to 30 days from your purchase date. If the shoes do not fit perfectly, you can exchange them for another pair, no questions asked. That right there alone makes the club membership worth it.

Thankfully, I have had four successful runs in these with no issues and already have over 20 miles logged based on my training this past week. I think that makes them a keeper!

Do you stick to one brand when it comes to running shoes or have you purchased multiple brands in order to suit your running needs?


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Shoes.

  1. New year, new shoes, new blog design too! I love both the shoes and the changes to the blog 🙂 I’m glad you like your new shoes too they look pretty! I’m sticking to my Mizuno’s for now, but I’m open to trying the new Asics when they release the Spring 2015 versions!! Maybe a girls trip to Fit 2 Run in April ;-)?

    1. Thank you! The blog is still in the works but i am pleased with where its at currently 🙂 A Fit2Run trip is definitely going to be in my future and I probably will be looking at new shoes around then or by May!

  2. I like Oasics (if that’s how you spell it!) myself. Never heard of any of the brand you mentioned except Brooks, guess they haven’t hit Ireland yet! I do find shoe shopping difficult so well done!

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