Kicking 2015 off with a BANG!

I hope everyone had a great New Years! I ended 2014 with a 2 mile run logging 571.35 miles for 2014, woo-hoo! I did not expect to log that many miles but am very proud of my accomplishments so far. Since I am already logging more miles than I was this time last year I am hoping to break 625 in 2015. I know 625 sounds like an off number and why not 650 but I am taking thing slow and want to set a realistic goal, given I continue on this path I am on. Not to mention, have you run in Florida during the summer?! The blister heat is brutal!

I kicked off 2015 with a bang an got 2.5 miles in, still relatively early, despite staying out passed midnight. The first part of the day was overcast and had a bit of slightly cooler temps which allowed me to still get out at 9am.

I completed my first long run of the year with 9 miles. It was my best long distance run ever! I say that because I completed the 9 miles in 1:37 with an average pace per mile of 10:49. I am quite proud of this as most of my long runs I average around 11:15 per mile. Not to mention I walked nearly 6 miles around Universal Studios the day prior but the legs were feeling strong that day. I even tried to slow my pace down as to not hurt myself.


Recently, I’ve implemented some new things to my training and tested out a new re-fuel routine on my run that I believe played a factor. In the latest issue of the Women’s Running magazine I read an article titled “Follow Your Path” about what you should aim for in 2015. The article included a chart with questions for you to answer to lead you towards your projected goal.


The end result, to be more consistent, which is true. To reach this the article suggested:

  • I refuel every 30 minutes during my long runs. Previously I was only fueling at about mile 4, 8, and 12 which was about every 45ish minutes.
  • Perform three sets of form drills after every run. I’ve never implemented form drills after a run and never thought to until I read more into it.
  • Do 15 minutes of core workouts before breakfast on Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays. I am not always consistent with my core workouts so this is something I hope to improve with.
  • Foam roll for 15 minutes while watching TV every evening. Originally I was only foam rolling after a run, if that. Some of my shorter runs I would just do some extra stretches and be done for the day. I’ve been foam rolling every evening now, even on my rest days, for the last week and my legs feel so much better and stronger for my next run.
  • Go to bed by 10:30 four nights of the week. This isn’t a problem for me as I already do this.

My next race will be next weekend and is the St. Pete Beach Classic 10K. I had a great time at this race last year and enjoyed it so much I wanted to come back to it again. The event has various distances including a 5K, 10K+5K and a Half, but I opt for the 10K. I am looking forward to participating in this race with running bestie, Montana, and earning another shiny medal 🙂

What race are you looking forward to the most to wrap up the 2014-2015 season?



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