Iron Girl Training Recap: Week 5

Iron Girl Weekly Recap Header

Ello! I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend filled with fun, family and friendship 🙂

I can’t believe race week is here! Only two more short distance runs stand in the way the race. This past week of training went really well and it should because it was the start of tapering. It was really a nice feeling to take it easy this week. I’ve been working hard essentially since last fall when I started back to train for my second half, then the Glass Slipper Challenge and now this half. I’ve basically only had a week off right after each event before jumping right back into it.

This coming week I will be taking it even easier so that I have “fresh” legs for race day. My main focus is to just stretch and foam roll A LOT. I would also like to try and schedule a massage, if time permits. Lastly, hydrate and fuel well as the week progresses on, hydration being the key point. The current weather forecast predicts temps in the low 70s race weekend to the mid to high 80s.

Monday:  Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Tuesday: 3 mile run followed up with strength training focusing on the glutes/hamstrings/calves and core.

Wednesday: 1.97 mile walk follow up with upper body strength training 

Thursday: 30-20-10 Fartlek Workout. I decided to switch it up this week. The 3-2-1 has been a great speed workout and I’ve earned some great records with it, but this week I wanted to break it up with shorter speed bursts and less “recovery” time.

Friday: Rest day. What a rest day it was, my boss let us dress my casual/comfy this day. This gal doesn’t need to be told twice that she can wear her athletic wear clothes to work.

Saturday: 6 mile long taper run. I felt pretty good with the run, my time was a bit faster than I had hoped to do, which is still a good thing but tapering also means taking it easy. I completed my 6 miles in 01:20:05, averaging a 10:21 pace.

Sunday: Rest day.

What rituals do you have in the final days leading up to a race?

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2 thoughts on “Iron Girl Training Recap: Week 5

  1. Great week of taper! Just enough to keep the legs poppin! I usually practice lots of yoga, hydrate like crazy, and carb it up week before the marathon.

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