My Running Preferences 

I picked up this fun this running question survey from Kristen over at Runaway with Me. She recently moved to Alaska from Pennsylvania and it’s been fun to read her new adventures in running in Alaska. Be sure to stop by her page and show her some love.

Without further ado:

1) Location: Trail, Road, or Indoors?

Definitely either trail or road. I haven’t found many trails to run here in Florida, but the local park I run at has a little off-pavement trail. I create my route so the trail is the last stretch of my run, it actually feels good on my joints to switch to the trail as I near the end.

2) Time of Day: Morning, Noon, or Evening?

I like to knock my runs out first thing, especially my long distance runs. There is something so serene being one of the few active in the world so early in the day, running and watching the sunrise. Running in the morning also makes me feel so productive well before my day begins. Occasionally I’ll do a short distance or a speed workout in the evenings after work.

3) Weather: Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

Living in Florida I’ve faced some pretty brutal temps during the summer. I’ve learned to appreciate the weather when it actually gets mild with temps in the 50s-60s.

4) Fuel: Before, After, and sometimes during?

If I am completing a long distance run, I’ve learned having something in my system before hand makes me less sluggish and exhausted to early in the run. Usually a slice of bread or a rice cake with some peanut butter will do the trick. Then of course Ire fuel every 30 minutes or so. Currently I am loving the PowerGel and Cliff Energy Shot Gels.

5) Accessories: Music, Watch & More?

If it’s just a short distance I need just my watch. Lately I’ve been bringing my phone just to have it with me, I’ve stumbled across an article or two on the benefits of having your phone with you on a run. If I am doing a long distance run then I will plug the headphones in unless I am running with a friend, then we will talk.

6) Rewards: Food, Wine, or …?

After my run I love a glass of chocolate milk! When I first heard runners were having chocolate milk right after a run, I thought it was the most disgusting thing in the world! I was never a big of milk to begin with, let alone chocolate milk. When I finally manned up and tried it, my first thought was why I hadn’t tried it sooner. Now, I actually crave a chocolate milk as I near the end of my run! Once I have a chocolate milk a complete meal is needed, generally speaking, breakfast! Eggs, bacon, potatoes, and some fruit – yum!

7) Type of run: Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?

Surprising enough I much prefer the longer distance. I used to think my sister was crazy when she said that she would rather go out and run 10 miles versus three, but now I know what she means behind that. I tend to run three to four miles 2-3 times a week, and it’s gotten quite boring. It’s actually a nice feeling to go out and do a long run and not feel like I have to stop myself from going too far once I’ve warmed up.

I now nominate my best running friend, Montana, over at Pretty Lil Mudder to answer her running favorites!

Also, a special thanks to Amanda over at Running with Spoons for allowing me to “Think out Loud.”Thinking-Out-Loud2


4 thoughts on “My Running Preferences 

  1. I always thought the chocolate milk thing was silly too. I actually hate milk but starting drinking chocolate almond milk and I now crave it too during my long runs. It is the best treat!

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