WIAW: Fueling for my Half.

WIAW- Fueling for a Half

This of course being my fourth half, I had a better sense now on what I needed to fuel me in the days leading up to race day.

Friday night I made tomato basil chicken with roasted potatoes for dinner. I enjoy cooking, and this was a super easy and delicious dish to make. I knew I’d be dining out for the majority of my meals the next two days so I decided to stay in an cook dinner.

The next morning, for breakfast, I scrambled up some egg whites with cheese, chicken sausage links and left over roasted potatoes.

For lunch, my best running friend, Montana and I went over to Whole Foods. We planned to pick up any last minute things we needed for the morning and while we were there we hit up the buffet bar. I loaded my plate up with a small serving of a variety of things from mashed sweet potatoes to mac and cheese. Roasted veggies to oven baked plantains and for some protein, lemon thyme herb chicken.

Having had steak and potatoes before my 12 miler as well as before the Best Damn Race Cape Coral half, I knew this was on the menu for dinner the night before. Montana needed to carb load with steak, rice and beans so we opted to go to Chili’s knowing they would have options to accommodate both of our needs.

The morning of the race I had a bagel with crunchy peanut butter about an hour and half before the run. It wasn’t until the Glass Slipper Challenge that I actually consumed more than just a banana before a run. Since then, I’ve noticed an improvement in more performance. I don’t feel as though I am needing to refuel so soon during my long runs or races.

I also made sure to hydrate well not only the day before, but a couple days prior. On Saturday, I made it my goal to drink as much of the electrolyte water pictured below, if not all of it. Water is my preferred beverage choice, so this really wasn’t a problem 🙂

How do you fuel before a race? Any food rituals that are a must?

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7 thoughts on “WIAW: Fueling for my Half.

  1. I miss living near a whole foods market. The closest one to my new house is 30 minutes away so I haven’t been in almost a year. (sigh)
    I like to hydrate with water and Nuun the days before and during a race. <- I'm even an ambassador for NUUN too.

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