Looking ahead: Summer Running Plans

Summer Running Plans HeaderWith Iron Girl complete, most of the “racing season” in Florida has come to an end. You may be able to find a 10K, let alone a half, here in the summer but you would have to be suicidal to do a half here in Florida during the summer…Okay, that may have sounded a little harsh but for those up north, I envy your summer running. With temps in the 90s here mid day, even getting out at 6am before the sunrise the temps are still in the high 70s, low 80s with a 90% humidity and in the evenings temps are in the mid-to-high 80s but maybe 50% humidity. I won’t a little sweat stop me from running though.

Currently I have on schedule:

Rugged Maniac

I will be completing my first ever mud run on May 9th, called Rugged Maniac. I know my best running friend, Montana over at Pretty Lil’ Mudder, is beyond thrilled that I am finally par-taking in a obstacle course event. She is an OCR addict and has been trying to get me to do a mud run for months now.

Next up, I hope to do a run when I am in Portland, OR visiting my sister. We did the Rum Run 5K last year, but this year I am itching to do a 10K. She is still researching race options in Portland, even in Washington!

Summer 5k Series LogoJune, July and August will be the St. Pete Beach Summer 5K Series. I did this last year and it was actually quite fun! Running along the beach with a sunset, it just doesn’t get much better than that. I am also looking forward to running these with my friend Barbara. She recently had a baby and missed the Princess Half and Iron Girl.

Foam Glow
I will also be “running” the Foam Glow run here in August. My best friend, Court, recently started the C25K to get in shape for her upcoming wedding at the end of the year and wanted to do a 5K. I told her to pick a run and I would do it with her. I’m actually looking forward to this one too. Not only for running at night time, wearing white attire, going through neon foam under blacklights but I’ll be doing this with my best friend. Running is something Court does not do on a frequent basis like me, but she does get up early on race days to come cheer me on from the start all the way to the finish – I owe her this race.

Where are you running to this summer? What race are you looking forward to the most? Do you have any recommendations for races in the Portland/Vancouver area?

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