Recharge: A Better You.

Happy Tuesday! We survived another manic Monday!

Do you ever find yourself to caught up in the moment, needing to do this or finish that? Then the panic arises on how we are going to get everything done in a timely manner, and something things just aren’t completed at near perfection. How about that point where you’ve just reached pure exhaustion, maybe physically but also mentally?

The [optional] topic for this weeks The Fit Dish is ‘How Do You Recharge?’

Fit Dish - Recharge

We all have our own ways of rejuvenating but there are three things that help me to revive.

1. Sleep

Sleep is a very crucial part of not only my training, but my every day life in order to recover and recharge. I’m not one who could sleep forever and needs at least 10 hours of sleep but I am also not one of those who can operate on less than 4-5 hours. I am pretty functional on about 7 hours of sleep, but I do listen to my body when it tells me I need more rest.

2. Take a Walk

Truth behold, taking a walk around the block or at a local park is relaxing to me. I love nothing more than to grab my headphones and just escape into my own little bubble where I can clear my head of any stress or negativity. Walking recharges me as it allows me to just be one with nature and exploring all that this world has to offer to us, to help me realize what I am thankful for and all that I can do.

3. Get a Massage

When I really need to recharge mentally and physically, the best way for me to do that is with a massage. I try to reward myself with a massage at least once a month. I have that one therapist that I continue to see, who knows what areas need the most targeting and what amount of pressure to use.

How do you recharge?

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16 thoughts on “Recharge: A Better You.

  1. Great post! Sleep is a biggie. Yoga and a hot bubble bath works wonders for to re-charge.

  2. Yay for sleep! (I just took a fat nap and it was glorious!)

    I haven’t gotten a massage in ages–that would be so nice to have right now!

  3. I agree! I know I need a recharge when I get the munchies. LOL. And, sleeping or getting my body moving are like reset buttons. I clear my head, feel refreshed, and my munchies are gone! : ) Thanks so much for sharing! I needed a reminder about the joys of walking! #fitfamlove

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