My latest fitness-venture.

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This month I am enrolled for a month long fitness boot camp with Camp Gladiator. My best friend, Courtnay, first approached me about several weeks ago when the company celebrated their “7th Birthday.” They were have an amazing deal on their registration for Septembers classes with tier registration:


With an upcoming wedding in less than 70 days, Court wanted to lose some inches and tone up for her wedding. She asked me if I would join her, I figured why not…some strength training would do the body good. I have zero upper body strength and I’ve been trying to work on my strengthening the core.

With our membership we have unlimited access to the classes and can attend multiple locations, with classes available 5 days a week morning and evening, plus every Saturday. Only select cities across the nation are Camp Gladiator approved.

Court and I at our first workout with CG!
Court and I at our first workout with CG!

What I love most about this boot camp is how the workouts are preset and the trainer knows which areas of the body to work so you are not over working one area in back to back classes. I had a gym membership for almost two years and even tried my own WOD style workouts at home and just got bored, I didn’t have the accountability like I feel I have with this boot camp.

The class is an hour long but my trainer puts his own style on the workouts by making them like a game. The first class I attended, the warm up was “speed dating,” another warm up was a game of tic tac toe…but not just any old tic tac toe game. You had to complete 10 push ups, 10 situps and 10 squats before you could mark your quadrant, and then you had to do it all over again, and again for x-amount of time. It was actually really fun!

My favorite workout so far, non-HIIT week!

Another great thing about this program is each week has a theme, first week was all about endurance and last week was about functional and this week is high intensity interval training (HIIT). The HIIT has been my favorite so far!

I am loving this camp so much that I’ve committed to be BOLD. Bold is a 6-or 12-month elite membership. Since you are committing you get locked in at a lower rate compare to if you were to go month to month. You also get perks like friend referral credits, discounts on merchandise and events and enhanced freeze options.

Recruited a new camper…my other sister, Erika! #CGBOLDfamily

At first I wasn’t sure how the camp would fit into my training schedule but after speaking with my trainer and another girl in class, who is training for her first marathon, we came up with a game plan for my training. The plan will consist of class Mon, Wed, Fri with Tues and Thurs as my running days – during the week. I will devote one weekend day to my long run with the other being an absolute rest day to stretch and foam roll.

I also consulted one of my sisters who runs, who on her last half broke 2 hours. She does HIIT training classes 5-6 days a week and powered through them while training for her last half and had a very similar schedule to the one I am on. While I probably won’t break 2 hours anything better than 2:28 will satisfy me.

I’m excited to see where this journey takes me in some racing PRs and a whole new level of the fitness lifestyle.

Do you or have you ever taken a fitness style boot camp class? Have you heard of Camp Gladiator?

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