Weekly Training Log: 9/21-9/27

FHH Weekly Training Log

First week of half marathon training is underway! I am officially just under 12 weeks out from my fifth half. I am super exciting to implement this new training program and I am happy to say my first week went smoothly.

Monday: Boot camp with Court. This mornings workout was probably one of my top favorites coming in at 2nd place. This week is all about HIIT and there was definitely some sprints involved which was good for speed work. I also committed to becoming CG BOLD, which in other terms means I’ve committed to 6months and got a great deal! Still keeping up with Guna, Inc. September plank challenge, today a total of 2:45 plank and 60 squats (30 reg and 30 thrusters with 8lb dumbbells)

Tuesday: 3 mile run, 2x 1:30 plank and 50 squats.

Wednesday: Boot camp with my sister, Erika. I’m really loving HIIT week at camp this week. Completed 60 plank jacks at camp so only completed a minute plank and of course got my 50 squats in.

Thursday: 3 mile run, 2x 1:45 min plank and 50 squats

Friday: Boot camp with Court. Definitely logged my planks and squats with a 45 sec plank, 40 suicide planks, 80 plank shoulder taps, 40 plank jacks and 160 squats at camp.

Saturday: 5 mile run, 2 solo miles and 3 with Barbara. Also completed 2x 2 min planks and 50 squats.

Sunday: “Rest day” 2x 2 min planks and 50 squats.

Are you currently training for anything or are you planning to?

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