Gasparilla Training Recap: Week 9


Week 1/9-1/15

Reality has set in that I am more than half way through this training cycle and 40 days out from Gasparilla – ahhh!! I was able to get back on track following the schedule this week, no bumps with weather etc. This past week was Strength and Agility week at CG, but with the cold front that moved in last weekend, the first half of the week was spent more on the agility side with a lot of travel work during camp. Since we are an outdoor fitness group the trainer did not want to risk us (the campers) using weights below 50 degrees. The weather did warm up the back half of the week, where I participated in my fourth St. Pete Beach Classic.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 3 mile run before camp, followed up with 2 mile travel work in class.

Wednesday: 2 mile run before CG. It was kinda funny to see how the group of us broke off into sections at different paces. Normally we all try to stick together but this morning we all just fell into our own grove. Lorena and I paced together in between the two groups and had impressive negative splits! Gained an additional 2.24 miles during the workout.

Thursday: Another 3 mile run before class. By this point I was feeling tired overall and so looking forward to rest day tomorrow. Not planning nor thinking we’d have another great run with impressive negative splits, we all just kind of broke off into three different paces, with Lorena and I in the middle again. We chit chatted and took the first mile easy. A noise of what sounded like either dogs/coyotes  howling or EMS sirens spooked us and we picked up the pace about a mile and a half in. When we finished the run we were surprised to find when did in fact run another round of negative splits.

Friday: Much needed rest day.

Saturday: St. Pete Beach Classic 10K+5K Duo.

Sunday: Rest day.

Miles logged Week 8: 22.54 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 169.3  miles

Did you race over the weekend?

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