Gasparilla Training Recap: Week 8


Week 1/2-1/8

While I accumulated decent mileage this week I pretty much did not follow the training schedule at all, working out and/or running pretty much everyday except Saturday and then Florida saw its wackiest weather in months followed up by the coldest day in years! 

Met up with a friend for the first day of a new CG camp, and first camp do the year! Logged about 2 miles during class between warm up and travel work.

Tuesday: Didn’t sleep well the night prior so missed my morning run and workout but made up for it with a 2 mile run after work with a mile cool down walk.

Haven’t seen splits like that in months!

Rain hindered our morning run before class but with the workout “Works Getting Done” I earned my run after each round of work for a total of 1.75 miles.

Thursday: 2 mile run before CG and then logged another mile with the warm up.

Friday: 70% chance of rain and 20 mph winds at 6am tomorrow calls for a modification to the training schedule for my back to back long run weekend! 5 miles to start the day off! Had hoped to circle back around after work for the missing 3 but the rain was starting on my drive home.

Rest day. Kept it easy throughout the day with a walk around the mall and then did some roller skating for my youngest sisters birthday.

Sunday: I had 10 miles on the training schedule and was prepared as best as I could to run it but had to cut the run at 5 due to unusually cooler temps here in Florida. Started the run at 35* at 6am and it was 33* just after 7am with a feel like of 25*! The run out to about 2.5 miles wasn’t so bad it was when we turned around to head back to the cars that we were blasted with the wind. Even with gloves on I could barely feel my hands at the end. Thankful my friend Laura was brave enough to join me for the short run.

Miles logged Week 8: 19.75 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 146.76  miles

How was the weather by you over the weekend?

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