Gasparilla Training Recap: Weeks 10 & 11


Well, the peak of Gasparilla training is complete and I have the next two weeks to taper before race weekend! I can’t believe race weekend is right around the corner, it still feels like training started yesterday! Though I am very much looking forward for to the first day after the challenge is complete. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed falling in love with running again, developing new friendships through this training cycle and reconnecting with old ones but I’m looking forward to getting back into a normal routine with CG again, only having to run on the weekends if I want to not because I have to and lastly, not having to spend these rest of my Sunday in recovery mode.

Week 1/23-1/29

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: I had some technical issues with my alarms and did not wake up until 5:45a, class starts at 5:30a. I still made use of my early morning and went out for 2 miles.

Wednesday: 2 mile run before CG, followed by a little CG games style workout with a lot of cardio – running laps, burpees and yard sprints.

Thursday: 2 mile run before camp, gained another mile with travel work in the workout.

Friday: Took the morning off from the run but went to camp for a little game day Friday action, still managed to log a mile and a half of sprints.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: I failed to pay close attention to the weekend weather forecast and rain moved in overnight and continued on for most of the morning. Knowing how crucial logging my 12 miler was, I forced myself to go out in the afternoon post-rain. The first 6 miles went by with no problems, however, as I closed in on mile 8 I started to experience some tightness in both my calf muscles. I took an extra walk break but come mile 8.5. I still had the pain in my calves and now in both hip flexors – strangest thing! I pulled off the course to stretch and fought to get through to mile 9 before I turned around and walked the 2 miles back to the car for a total of 11 miles. Looking back I failed to properly stretch and foam roll after each camp, especially after all those sprints!

Miles logged Week 9: 22.09 miles

Week 1/30-2/5

Monday: It was bold week at CG this week and since classes wouldn’t be held to the back half of the week, a group of us met up for a bingo style workout the trainer left for us. Logged two miles with about 8 laps and 8 side shuffles as part of our squares.

Tuesday: Met up with Laura for a 5 mile run in the morning. I was concerned about the pain returning especially on a bit of a longer distance run but Laura and I took it easy and used intervals – which helped!

And that’s a wrap for January’s miles! I think that’s my highest monthly mileage ever!


Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Solo 5 mile run, with these 5 miles I reached my first individual milestone in the Run the Year 2017 challenge I am partaking in with three other friends: Barbara, Jolene and of course, Montana!

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Part I of last back to back long run weekend – Best Damn Race Safety Harbor 10K + 5K Challenge Race. Race recap to follow!

Sunday: Part II of last back to back long run weekend – 12 miles, peak training complete! Both Montana and I were surprised at how good we felt pre-, during and post run (and I mean imeediately following the run, throughout the afternoon was a different story, lol)

Photo credit: Pretty Lil Mudder


Miles logged Week 10: 31.17 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 249.71 miles

What’s the furthest you’ve ran in peak training? Have you even tackled a challenge race or thought about participating in one?

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