Gasparilla Training Recap: Week 12


Week 1 of taper is in the books. It was nice to take it a bit easier this week and I’m really looking forward to even lower mileage next week and maybe even an extra CG class?! Though while the mileage this week was not as intense as last weeks my trainer decided to beat us up during class this week…not really but it is a new camp cycle which means it was endurance week. The workouts were brutal, I’m still sore especially moving into strength and agility week! Since there is not much to detail on my runs this week I am going to go a little more in depth with some of the CG workouts I did because I haven’t been following this training plan to a T during the week days but for that I owe my strength and endurance during these back to back long runs to CG.

Week 2/9-2/12

Monday: A well deserved rest day after the weekends back to back long run mixed with some races!

Tuesday: 2 mile run before CG. Today’s workout was called “I’m Not Doing That!” We were broken off into groups of 4, each person was assigned a number and based on that number you skipped the exercise in rotation for the travel. So for example, if you were assigned 2, you skipped the ninja burpees in round 1 and did frog hops instead and then come back and complete exercises 1, 3-4.

Wednesday: 2 mile run before camp, this mornings workout was no joke! Endurance week at it’s best with Dirty Thirty! Thirty minutes, 30 exercises, 30 reps for non weighted work, 15 if weighted (you split the 30 with a partner). I made it up until the Uno’s. This is a good benchmark workout and I’ll be interested to see how far I make it next time we do this one.

Thursday: Rest day. Typically I’ve been going to camp Tues-Thurs with rest days Mon and Fri but after the last two days worth of workouts my legs were tight, calf muscles, hamstrings, quads you name it. Plus I had a dinner meeting with a station rep the night prior that ran way past my bedtime. I did do some major foam rolling before and after work to loosen up those muscles.

Friday: 2 mile run before camp. I was so looking forward to a little game day Friday action but that was not the case. We partnered up and did a ladder style workout. First round was jump squats starting at 20 reps followed up with a travel (sprints) and then repeating that exercise but dropping by 2 every round until you made it to 12. Then we moved onto the next exercises which were chest flies with leg drops (side shuffles), dead bugs (karaoke/grapevine), and plank rows (side shuffles)…all I can say is I haven’t been this sore in a LONG time!

Saturday: 12 miles, 6.5 with my friend Lorena from CG and the remaining 5.5 solo. Looking forward to next weeks 8-miler!

Sunday: Rest day – yay for no back to back runs this weekend! Though while I would have very much loved to lay on the couch all day with a nap, most of the day was spent meal prepping, mixed with some laundry and house cleaning…Sunday funday!

Miles logged Week 12: 18 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 267.71 miles

How much time do you take for taper, 1 week or 2? What’s the most mileage you average for a taper week?

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