Gasparilla Training Recap: Week 13


Here we are 13 weeks later! It was a little weird taking it even easier than last week, but it was refreshing. Though there was nothing easy about any of the classes at CG this week, and I actually made it to four of them! It felt so good and I look forward to getting back into my old routine of 4-5x/week starting next camp cycle! It seems silly that going an extra day or two this week made me feel that way but the truth is, I love it, I love the atmosphere, the people, pushing myself out of my comfort zone with every rep.  To be quite honest, since I’ve had to cut back on my CG workouts I’ve noticed a bit of a change. My 15 lb dumbbells once started feeling so easy that I at one class I actually pulled out the 20s from my trainers truck, but lately my 15s have been a struggle. Now granted my body could be fatigued from my training in general, but I am also really getting one day of solid weight training when I go 2-3x/week. Most other days it’s body weight or body weight combined with a little bit of weights. The plus side to body weight focused workouts is I’ve really been able to work on my form, like with push ups for example and burpees.

I really took it easy on the runs this week as detailed below. My friend Kim and I had decided to just to walk Monday morning when we met up, but when our trainer showed up last minute, that plan was semi-scratched. Come Saturday, Lorena and I were pretty beat up from the weeks workouts and we wanted to pace ourselves right so we took it east following my :90/:30 intervals and chit chatted it up.

Monday: 2 miles before camp, we ran out a mile and then took it easy and walked the mile back. Day 1 of Strength & Agility week. I treated myself after work with a much needed massage, my therapist said my calves and hamstrings weren’t as tight as I thought they were but she did spend a fair amount of time working on my feet, especially on my flexor digitorum brevis on my left foot, this muscles was super tight.


Tuesday: Took the morning off from the run but went for class.

Wednesday: 2 miles before CG, we did the same thing as Monday, ran out a mile and then walked back. Today’s workout was a beast!

Thursday: Skipped the pre-camp run in favor of some extra rest. Today’s workout was more agility based, thankfully and a much needed break from the heavy lifting!

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Last “long run” – 8 miles along the causeway with my friend Lorena from CG.


Look at those negative splits!! Mile 5 was a bit rough due to resistance from the wind and a bit of incline training from the bridge.

Sunday: Well deserved rest day. We went out Saturday night for my friend Kim’s birthday, we met for dinner and drinks at 6p. She was keeping the party going but I was hit with exhaustion just upon finishing my meal. I was home just after 9p, fell asleep on the couch, move to the bedroom and slept till 7a. I migrated to the couch and caught up on some DVR’d material…who watches Quantico??? It was about 2p before I was actually motivate to do anything. I guess my body was trying to tell me something, lol.

Miles logged Week 13: 12 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 279.71 miles

How do you recover during taper week? Do you have any taper week traditions?

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