My Favorite Fitness Apps

Today I’m joining Erika from MCM Mama Runs, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, and April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere for a day late Tuesdays on the Run Linkup. This week’s topic is all about our favorite fitness apps!


Number one on my list is ShoeCycle. ShoeCycle is a FREE app (Sorry Android users :(, but this app is for iPhones only), you can use to log the miles put on your running shoes. The great thing about this app is you can keep track of multiple shoes, store up to four of your favorite distances and it has a listing of your run history.

Garmin ConnectMy Garmin Connect is another favorite on my list. While I only have the base Gamin watch and cannot access the live tracking feature, this app allows me to access my running data, anytime, anywhere. I can view my personal records, my splits, elevation levels, map of previous courses I’ve ran, etc. FitSnap

Fitsnap is a wonderful photo editing app that allows you to add your workout information to your photos and share them to your social media sites. You can log any activity from running to yoga, walking to strength training and much more.

What is your number one go to fitness app?

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Fitness Apps

    1. Too funny that you say that Farrah I actually just did that myself the other night. I was maxing out on storage space…then I realized I had waaaaaay too many photos on my phone. Sadly I had to back it up and then remove several hundred, lol.

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