Race Week – Glass Slipper Challenge.

Glass Slipper Challenge

Race week is here! I can’t believe it. Seems like it was only yesterday that I had registered for this event.

Hotel and travel arrangements have been arranged. We will be staying off property, which is fine with me, with the exception of a super early wake up call to allow plenty of time for whatever traffic we may endeavor. I’ll be driving over on Friday afternoon with my best friend Court, and will meet Sam and my other best friend Danny at the Expo. Having my two best friends there to support me in this journey means the world to me as they are not runners. Knowing they are willing to sacrifice sleep to get up at 3:30am with me and Sam and sit patiently while we complete the races, that definitely awards them “super, awesome best friends” title of the year!

I am so thankful for the out pour of love and support I have received from others just this weekend alone! When I first registered many people thought I was crazy for tackling such a challenge but after seeing my devotion to my training and making the decision to not PR but rather run it for fun they understood how much this challenge means to me.

Saturday afternoon I spent time working on my costume. I know it may seem a little late for that but better late than never. I am just about finished with one costume and am about half way complete with the other. I am actually making the skirts for both costumes. I debated for a while whether or not to dress up but decided that this is a fun race for me and why not enjoy it to the full extent. I decided to piece together my own costume after researching online, I just couldn’t bring myself to invest in those sparkly skirts that I will more than likely wear only once. Instead Court and I hit up the local JoAnnes where with a 50% off one item coupon managed to invest under $30 for the elements to create the skirts for both races.

For the 10K on Saturday I plan to go as Jasmine from Aladdin.
My not yet completed skirt for my Esmeralda character for the half on Sunday.

This week I will keep things simple as far as final tapering:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 2-3 Miles

Wednesday – Yoga

Thursday – 2 Miles

Friday – Rest Day/Drive over to Orlando.

Saturday – Enchanted 10K

Sunday – Princess Half Marathon

To aid in my recovery between races, I plan to bring my yoga mat for some post 10K stretching as well as my good ole foam roller. I will also be bringing my Omeosport and wear my Procompression calf sleeves.

What tips do you have for post-run aid recovery?


3 thoughts on “Race Week – Glass Slipper Challenge.

  1. Ok so i might be up and moving at 3:30 but i PROMISE..l i will NOT be fully AWAKE… But I love you and cant imagine not being there to cheer you on…. You will do AMAZING!!!

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