Five races to run in 2015

This week’s topic for the Friday Five is five races to run in 2015. To be quiet honest I don’t really have my race schedule completely set out and I am not currently registered for any other race other than the one I will be participating in this weekend. However, I do have races in mind that I would like to partake in.

1. Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Race weekend is here! The Glass Slipper Challenge starts tomorrow morning, so since the event hasn’t actually happened, I am counting it on my list ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never participated in a Run Disney event so I am excited to see how it goes.


2. Iron Girl Clearwater

This event is about 8 weeks or so out. I have not yet registered as I wanted to see how the challenge at Disney went. I really hope to make it back this year as this event was my first ever half marathon, you can read my recap here. I know I say I want to run the race now, but will be cursing myself going back over those bridges.

Mile 13 post
Official Half Marathoner now!


3. St. Pete Beach Summer 5K Series

Summer 5k Series Logo

You wont find too many races, or at least any distance past a 5K, to run in Florida during the summer months. This 5k series is a 3 race event spread out over 3 months. You can run one, two, or three of the races, however, there is better value in registering and running all three. While a 5k is essentially nothing to me now, this series allows me to always keep some on the horizon as far as a race so I don’t get bored.

4. Race yet TBD in Portland, OR

Last summer I made my first ever trip out to the west coast to see my oldest sister. Since she is a runner too, she found a fun 5K for us to while I was out there, called the Rum Run (you can read my recap here.) I recently booked my flight to return back at there again this summer and told her to go ahead and find us another race to run again this year!

My sister and I with the Tiki man before the Rum Run.
My sister and I with the Tiki man before the Rum Run.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Series

Rock-n-Roll logo

The Rock ‘n’ Roll series sounds like so much fun! I am sad they no longer have an event being held in St. Petersburg, FL, or anywhere in Florida, so I would have to travel out of state for this one. I have interest in Savannah or Virginia Beach, both take place later in the year towards the Fall so I have a little time to decide and plan.

What is your number one must-race this year?

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17 thoughts on “Five races to run in 2015

  1. Princess is such a great race. Have a great time. My can’t miss race this year is NYC. And I’m also looking forward to Iron Girl. Those bridges get me every year, but they’ll be great practice for NYC.

  2. Have fun this weekend! A Disney race is on my bucket list. One day I will be there, till then I get to live through yall doing it now!

  3. I keep seeing Rock N Roll EVERYWHERE! I’m getting sad that I won’t be able to participate in one this year!!

    On a different note, I hope you LOVE your DIsney experience and I know you will be so AWESOMESAUCE you won’t even believe it!! I’m so EXCITED for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great calendar! Hope Princess weekend is awesome!

    I’ll be at RNR Virginia Beach this year and I’m stoked because I’ve never done a RNR event, plus I’ll be doing it with my husband and brother-in-law, so it will be even more special.

    I would love to run something on the West Coast, even if the hills and altitude would do me in. The scenery must be epic.

  5. I hope your Glass Slipper Challenge was awesome! I would like to run one of the RnR races too. I’m probably closest to Savannah and that should be a nice flat course.

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