The good running days and the bad running days.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and weekly training logs, you know I’ve been having some very good running days. Just in the last 3-4 weeks I’ve earned my fastest mile twice and fastest 5K just about every week. Sadly my running streak of good running days came to end last night when I couldn’t complete my 3 mile run last night.

After work yesterday I headed over to the local park I run in occasionally to log some miles. I knew I had been pretty fast lately but at the same time needed to try and take it easy to avoid any injuries.

Upon starting my run, I was feeling pretty good for the most part. The park is fairly shaded so it felt rather cool. I told myself, slow and steady try to aim for a 10:30 pace. Asides from my long distance runs my shorter runs have been between the 9:45-10:00 pace bracket, which is super fast for me. Knowing I had plans to do a speed workout with Sam the next day I didn’t want to kill myself over a fast 3 mile run.

Not even a quarter mile in and I fell a dull pounding in my head, which is odd as I’ve never had or gotten a headache on a run before. It wasn’t anything too painful so I continued on with my run thinking, hoping, praying it would pass. It didn’t, I evaluated and adjusted my form and that seemed to help. Then as I closed in on a mile I had this unsettling discomfort in my diaphragm. You know that feeling when you chug a lot of water and then start running? Yeah that’s the feeling I was having. Yet, I did not chug any what, I had a sip prior to starting the run. I made it to about a mile and a half when I decided to walk it out for a minute. Knowing something was not right I made the decision to cut my run short at 2 miles and then just cool down for a mile.

During my cool down walk I had to remind myself that you just cannot expect every run to be a “good” one. I’ve had lots of great runs lately, I am getting faster and stronger. Heck even my that run was still a great run just because I didn’t complete the mileage I had hoped to. Yet I had to get to the source of the poor run because I did not like the discomfort I was feeling. I hadn’t eaten anything different that day than any of my previous evening runs and I had been staying well hydrate, I even filled up my water bottle four times at work. I have been a little tired lately, more so with speed work and the strength training I’ve been adding in. I actually had a hard time rolling out of bed that morning. With that being said I came to the conclusion that my body was trying to tell me just that. A couple minutes into my walk that dull pounding in my head had subsided and I didn’t have that nauseous discomfort.

With a 12 mile run to knock out this weekend before I begin tapering I opted to forgo my speed workout with Sam this evening. I thought about attempting another low mileage, easy pace run but decided that as a runner I can ignore the pain and signs we all tend to do. While I am not trying to necessarily PR at this event, I want to do well. I know I must take the precautions needed to ensure that I can enjoy what little time I have left of the “running season” here in Florida.

A special thanks to Amanda over at Running with Spoons for allowing me to “Think out Loud.”



4 thoughts on “The good running days and the bad running days.

  1. Boo. That’s hard. I hate when those little things pop up, especially on the heels of such great performances. On the plus side, you can’t have the good without the bad, and things will turn around again. Hope you are feeling better and have a great long run!

  2. Good for you on listening to your body! That’s so important, especially with injury prevention. You made the right call. Hoping you have a great run this weekend!

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