What I am looking forward to at Iron Girl

As I head into my last long distance run this weekend before I start tapering, I can’t help but think of five things I am excited about for the Iron Girl event.

Five things about Iron girl

First and foremost I am super excited to being running this event with two special people, Sam, one third of my best friends and Montana, my best running friend. There is a difference between a best friend and best running friend and I get to run this event with both of them. While the three of us won’t necessarily be running it together, I hope to start together and then of course be there at the end to cheer each of them on along the finish chute. I’ve had the honor to run races with each of these ladies but not one event with the both of them.

Montana and I (left) after the St. Pete Beach Classic 10K and then Sam and I (right) after the Disney Princess Half.
Montana and I (left) after the St. Pete Beach Classic 10K and then Sam and I (right) after the Disney Princess Half.

Not to jinx myself, but I am feeling pretty confident that I can beat my previous time of 2:37:52. I have come along way since this event almost a year ago and I’ve definitely incorporate more into the training this time around than the first time. When I trained for this event last year I was concerned about the distance so I only pushed myself to do just that. This time around I’ve incorporate speed work, cross training, strength training, even a few runs with the bridges.

Speaking of bridges, as much as I hate those dang bridges I am looking forward to giving them another go. When I ran this event last year, I was able to successfully run up one bridge without stopping. When I reached the second bridge it was pretty dang steep and I had started out too fast that I exhausted all my energy and had to walk up it. Oh and did I mention that I have to turn around and run back over the bridges to reach the finish? I am hoping to be able to run 3 out of 4 of them. What’s stopping me from running the fourth one? Well, it is the fourth one, your exhausted and the sun is beating right down on you, etc. My goal is to attempt to run all of them, even if it is a run/walk up the incline.

Sand Key Bridge, one of two bridges featured on the course.

What is going to motivate me the most though to get over that last bridge is not only the feeling of accomplishment, but the medal!


Finally, I am looking forward to seeing my family there. Due to the location of several of my past races, my family hasn’t always been able to be there. While I am thankful to have my friends there, having that additional support from the ones I love most is no better feeling.

Is there any race you’ve ran more than once? What do you look forward to about that event?

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18 thoughts on “What I am looking forward to at Iron Girl

  1. I’m running Iron Girl this year too! That last mile is a monster. I always struggle with it mentally and physically. And yes, the medal makes it all worth it. They always have a good one

  2. best running friend=someone who understands your constant need to turn the conversation to running every time. Someone who you can discuss snot rockets, bladder problems, hydration, pacing, shoes and all kinds of gear with and who never gets bored of those conversations ❤️❤️ so glad we’re getting to do this together!! Also so glad you will be there for my first half. You can talk me out of my nervousness before the start

  3. That’s awesome that you get to see your family there this time! Having support additional support is wonderful. Good luck, and I hope you have a bunch of fun! 😀

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