Iron Girl Training Recap: Week 4

Iron Girl Weekly Recap Header

Week four of training was essentially the last of my training before I start tapering. I had some good runs and a not so good run (you can read about it here.)

Monday:  20 minute Fitness Fusion workout. This workout fuses the best of yoga, body sculpting and Pilates elements.  It definitely worked my upper body and I felt it the next day. Tuesday: 4.45 mile run followed up with 10 minutes of cross training focusing on the glutes/hamstrings and core.

Wednesday: 2 mile run with a 1.18 mile walk.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: After Wednesday’s run I was anxious to see how my run on Saturday would go over. I told myself to forget about it. After two rest days and a whole lot of foam rolling and stretching and plenty of sleep I crushed my 12 miler! I did 12 miles over four bridges in 2:12:32! I am so glad I decided to skip the speed work on Thursday, it was definitely a smart decision.

A snapshot of the sunrise on my run.
A snapshot of the sunrise on my run.

I am beyond happy with the result not only coming off Wednesday run, but it was quite windy on my long run with 12 mph winds. Bridge one and three were the toughest of the four to battle with the wind. I maintained a pace under 11:00 for the first five miles and my slowest mile came in at 11:42 coming up and over bridge three going directly against the wind.

A fairly windy run this morning. You can see in the background how choppy the waves were.
A fairly windy run, you can see in the background how choppy the waves were.
Two bridges, twice!
Two bridges, twice!

Sunday: Rest day.

What’s the most challenging training run you’ve ever faced?

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