Final thoughts and race day goals for Iron Girl

The time is here. I am just a few days away from my fourth half marathon! It’s crazy to think how much of a veteran runner and expert I feel in half marathons now. I’ve come a long way in this last year and I couldn’t be more happier with the results I’ve seen.

Iron Girl 14 Pre
A quick photo before Iron Girl last year.

I had a pretty good 12 mile run two weeks ago, where I trained with the two bridges, going over each bridge twice just like the actual course. I battled some tough wind gusts, especially running right against the wind and up two of the bridges. The time for my 12 miler was 2:12:32, with an average pace of 11:03. When I ran this event last year my time was 2:37:52. With roughly a 25 minute difference with a single mile left to complete I am feeling pretty confident about my expected finish time and a shiny new PR. Nevertheless, I have set three potential goals for myself:

Goal A) Beat my previous time of 2:37:52 for this event, 2:32:43 for my overall PR AND break 2:30.

Goal B) Beat my previous time of 2:37:52 for this event and 2:32:43 for my overall PR

Goal C) Beat my previous time of 2:37:52 for this event.

I think what makes this race and the training leading up to it different that my last three halfs is that while I’ve only been training for the last six weeks, I’ve been running since I began training for Best Damn Race Cape Coral last August. I ran that race and took a week off, then jumped right back into it training for the Glass Slipper Challenge. I think preparing myself for the challenge of running 19.3 miles in 24 hours has had the greatest impact on my training. It really made me a stronger runner not only physically but mentally too. After Glass Slipper, I took another full week off before diving back into it all for Iron Girl.

Not only does running continuously for the last 33 weeks have an impact on the outcome of this race but the fact that I have done a great deal of speed work and bridge repeats. You may have heard me mention previously that when I trained for this event initially, I was so concerned about gaining the distance that I did not work on any incline training or speed work. Any veteran runner knows how much speed work and strength training plays into your endurance level and increase in a shorter pace time.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful race weekend! While the temps are predicted to be fairly warm, there is going to be sunshine and the good company of two very dear friends running this race themselves.

Do you set more than one goal time for yourself? What is the most challenging run you’ve ever trained for?

A special thanks to Amanda over at Running with Spoons for allowing me to “Think out Loud.”


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8 thoughts on “Final thoughts and race day goals for Iron Girl

  1. Good luck! You have some great goals there!

    I do set several goals for myself. You just never know what’s going to happen at the start line, and I like to account for that.

    The hardest race I’ve ever trained for was the Disney Marathon. Because… well, marathons are hard. Also, the GATE River Run. There are two terrifying bridges and a hard, though fun, course. You have to be on point to make it through that.

  2. You’re gonna be all sorts of awesome! โค Best of luck to you on your goals, and I hope you have a lot of fun! :]!

    I've only ever run one race in my life, and my goal was to finish it so I could stick it on my bucket list. (Nike Women's Half-Marathon–mission complete! ๐Ÿ˜› )

      1. I got wooed by a Nike ambassador! I hope you get to do a NWM sometime! (That Tiffany’s necklace at the end served by a hunky fireman in a suit definitely does not hurt…:P )

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