The Ultimate Health and Fitness Getaway

Vacations don’t just have to be considered a time to just lay around and do nothing. Whether we realized it or not, we’ve all taken some kind of vacation getaway that included some type of fitness activity, like walking around a theme park. You may have even packed your active wear  in hopes of getting a 3 mile run in, in the morning or evening before spending the day with your family on the beach.

The [optional] topic for this weeks The Fit Dish is ‘The Ultimate Health and Fitness Getaway.’

Rather than talk about where I would like to go, I am going to talk about where I’ve been. To date, my ultimate health and fitness getaway has been my trip out to Portland, OR. One of my sisters, recently moved out there in the last year and a half and I decided to visit for my birthday last year. After visiting, I see now why she made the move out there.

Columbia River Gorge
Columbia River Gorge

Portland was the perfect getaway for me because it made me forget about any little worry I had back home. I was so focused on the beauty this city had to offer. Where I live we don’t have hills and this all this surrounding  greenery. It was such a sight to drive and see land, not buildings.

Mt. St. Helen in the background.
Mt. St. Helen in the background.

There is so much to see and do in Portland. There wasn’t a day I was out there where we didn’t go out and explore nature, and that was completely fine with me! One of the first few days out in Portland, we went to the International Rose Test Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden.

Entrance to the Portland Japanese Garden
Entrance to the Portland Japanese Garden

The next day, my sister and I ran the Rum Run 5K, and then went hiking afterwards! We stopped to see the Gorge and then visited a few of the falls. Multnomah Falls was unbelievably packed, but it was absolutely breath taking. We went for a short hike around LaTourell Falls (pictured below) and then a 3 mile hike at the Horsetail Falls loop where the trail took us up and behind Ponytail Falls.

In front of the LaTourell Fall.

On my last day, we took a trip out to the coast for my birthday! There was no better way to spend my special day than with my feet in the Pacific at Canon Beach (where Twilight was filmed.)

The coast!
The coast!

What has been your ultimate health and fitness getaway to date? Do you have plans to take another vacation soon? Where?

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11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Health and Fitness Getaway

  1. What an awesome trip, and thanks for the inspiration, because I live in Eugene…just 2 hours from Portland, and I haven’t done a lot of those things. SIlly silly. lol. I LOVE how active you two were. SO awesome. Thanks for linking up, friend. #fitfamlove

  2. I love this! What an amazing Portland trip, and the crazy thing is, I have lived in Eugene most of my life, 2 hours from Portland, and I haven’t done a lot of those things. Silly ME! I can’t wait for an active getaway there. I love how active you were. SUPER COOL and inspiring! Take care, friend. : )

    1. I agree. If my family wasn’t on the opposite side of the coast some 2-3000 miles away if move there in a heart beat. Sure I’d have my sister but I am very close with my mom and grandma 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll just keep going out there to visit!

  3. Ohmicrud, Portland!!! That’s such a great choice, and definitely a place that I would love to visit at some point in my life. I’ve never been there, but I feel like I’d adore it! ❤

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