One more for 2015!

You may have noticed that I updated my “Currently Training For” widget on the side bar of my site. Last week I made the decision to run one more half to wrap up my 2015 year. On December 13th, I will be running in the Florida Holiday Halfathon, a local bay area race hosted by Florida Road Races. 2015 has been a wonderful year for me in the world of running, and I am excited to end it with a half. This will bring me up to a total of five halfs.

Holiday HalfathonWhile I didn’t necessarily “take a break” from running this summer, I haven’t been training for anything in particular. Following several bloggers, GGA and SPA, I’ve come to miss the excitement and exhaustion of training for a long distance race.

Training will begin soon. I will be using my trusty plan from RunFit365. In addition, I will be placing more emphasis on strength training. I am almost complete with a 30 day squat challenge I’ve been partaking in with Guna, Inc. Next month is planks! I will also begin taking a bootcamp class a few days a week with my best friend Court, we have some sweating to go for her wedding!

Follow me on my journey to my 5th half and hopefully a new PR!

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