Weekly Training Log: 8/24-9/6

Happy Labor Day everybody! I hope everyone (working today and not working) has a great day!

I missed last weeks recap, so I have a lot to catch up on. Without further ado:

Week of 8/24-8/30:

Monday: Lower body and core strengthening featuring 100 squats for day 24 of Guna, Inc. August Squat Challenge.

Tuesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical and 100 squats.

Wednesday: Upper body and core strengthening, also logged my 100 squats for the day.

Thursday: Planned to run but a morning storm prohibited that. Lower body and core strengthening. 100 squats for day 27.

Friday: 2 mile run in the morning and 100 squats.

Saturday: 3.9 mile run with Barbara and 100 squats

Sunday: 100 squats for day 30!

Week of 8/31-9/6:

Monday: Wrapped up the Guna, Inc. August Squat Challenge with 100 squats for day 31! 31 days x 100 squats = 3,100 squats for the month of August!

Tuesday: The start of Guna, Inc. September Plank Challenge. Scheduled :30 sec plank, completed 1:15 plank along with leg day. Trying to incorporate the squats daily but only 50 of them.

Then later that evening, a run with the Running for Brews Group.

Wednesday: Day 2 of the plank challenge. Scheduled :30 sec plank, completed 1:15 plank along with 50 squats.

Thursday: 4 mile run in the morning, followed up with a 1 min plank and 50 squats.

Friday: 1:15 plank for day 4 and added 50 squats.

Saturday: 4 mile run along with a minute plank and 50 squats.

Sunday: 1.5 mile morning walk followed up with 100 plank jacks for day 6 and 50 squats.

Looking to strengthen your core? Join me in Guna, Inc. 30 day plank challenge for the month of September! 

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