Weekly Training Log: 9/14-9/20

This past week was my second week doing the Camp Gladiator fitness boot camp with Court. We’ve both enjoyed it a lot and definitely more motivating when you come to a class with a workout already developed for you. Prior to doing this camp, I was just doing strength training on my own and after a while I began to get bored doing some of the same exercises over and over again. Not to mention having a trainer who appears to brew his coffee with Red Bull with the amount of energy he has at 5:30am. Lol.

Monday: Boot camp in the morning, focusing on balance and stability with a lot of upper body work. Also logged my 2 minute plank and 50 squats.

Tuesday: 2 minute plank and 50 squats. Planned to meet up with the Running for Brews crew for a run in the evening but the rain had other plans. Still went out on my own for 3 easy miles.

Wednesday: “Rest day” 2 minute plank and 50 squats

Thursday: 2:15 plank and 50 squats. Boot camp in the evening, let me tell you…burpees suck, especially one legged burpees!

Friday: Boot camp in the morning and my sister, Erika, joined us. Today we concluded functional week with abdominal work. Came up and finished up my plank and squats for the days challenge. 2:30 plank and 50 squats.

Saturday: “Rest day” 2:30 plank and 50 squats

Sunday: Run for the Fallen, planned to run the 10K but with a late start it got super hot quickly and I stopped at the 5K (turnaround for 10k) followed up with 2:30 plank and 50 squats.
While my run was cut short I still logged 6 miles between the run and other strides of walking.

What are some ways you strength train?

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