Weekly Training Log: 9/7-9/13

The rain was less than cooperative this week for most of my runs, with only one day where I didn’t have to worry about dodging any storms. Sunday I thought I was going to have to take my run indoors to the dreadmill. With the upcoming Run for Fallen 10K, I had some miles to log for training purposes. If you are in or near the Tampa Bay area, there is still time to register for this FREE (non-timed) event.

This week I also started a fitness boot camp for the month, I am trying to really work on my strength training and with it still being super hot for September in Florida, the class is great for keeping my heart rate up during activity.

Monday: A thunderstorm crashed Barbara and I’s morning run party so kept the workout indoors today – 1:20 plank for day 7 of the Guna, Inc. Plank Challenge and still keeping up with the squats – 50. Also included some upper body strengthening, focusing on triceps, biceps and shoulders.

Tuesday: The day begun with some morning showers, but thankfully cleared up last minute allowing for a short 3 mile run and then 1:20 plank in the morning for day 8.

In the evening, I joined my best friend Court for a fitness camp session. I endured more planks/plank jacks and jump squats!

Wednesday: “Rest day” 1:20 plank and 50 squats.

Thursday: 4 mile run in the morning followed up with a 1:30 plank and 50 squats.

Fit class with Court. Also logged 1:30 plank and 50 squats.

Thunder and lightning prohibited a run this morning, and for most of the day, so unplanned “rest day” with a 1:45 plank and 50 squats.

Sunday: The rain held out just enough for a run this morning, followed up with a 1:45 plank and 50 squats.

Once the sun came out and the “cold front” moved in went back out in the evening for a 1.36 mile walk.

How do you log your miles when weather prohibits?

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