Florida Holiday Halfathon Training Recap: Week 6

FHH Weekly Training Log

I hope everyone enjoyed that extra hour of sleep we received this weekend! Anyone watch the TCS NYC Marathon? Better yet, did anyone run it? I was following along social media and caught an hour of the programming on ABC. A big congrats to all the finishers!

Last week was a pretty good week in my training as far as getting back on track, it’s crazy how not following your set schedule for two weeks can really mess with you when you try to get back on track. It was HIIT week at boot camp, and it’s my favorite week, though I say that when I am not actively involved in a HIIT session, lol.

Having logged 8 miles the Sunday before and worked out or ran everyday during the week, come Friday though I was struggling to get up for class. Court had texted me throughout the night saying she was going to have to miss class for personal reason and knowing I was going to have to get my 9 miles in on Saturday instead of Sunday, I opted to take Friday off so I could give it my all for my long run. I still struggled a bit with my run but I kept my average pace under 11:30 and it wasn’t until the last few miles I had to go into run/walk intervals. This coming week is recovery week for running and next week is recovery week for camp. I’m looking forward to taking it a bit easier during the week so I can focus more on my long fun performance as I near the double digit runs.

A breakdown of last weeks workouts:

Monday: Today’s class featured A LOT of sprinting, roughly 2 miles for some speed work. 7 reps each exercise followed up with a sprint after each complete set. AMRAP in 7 minutes per round. Really needed my protein shake after this workout.

Tuesday: 3 mile run.

Wednesday: Continuing with HIIT week, but today we focused more with weights and other forms of cardio. As you can see in the picture below we had a special “Pinktober” themed workout to support breast cancer awareness.

Thursday: 3 mile run.

Friday: Unplanned rest day.

Saturday: 9 mile run, 6 miles with Barbara and baby and 3 solo miles.

Later that evening a fun night in with these people, the best power rangers in town. Yep, that’s right, throwing it back to the 90s for our group costume theme.

Sunday: Rest day.

Miles logged this week: 17

Total Miles logged for Florida Holiday Halfathon training: 69.1

Did you run or workout on Halloween with your costume? If so, what did you wear?

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One thought on “Florida Holiday Halfathon Training Recap: Week 6

  1. First off, I look drunk in that one photo. I probably am, but I look it. It was such a fun night! I’d rather party with you guys than other random people- does that make me old? Lol.

    Hope your training continues to be good! I don’t know how you do it everyday- I’m good with four days a week! But I haven’t been doing much running anyway since I screwed up my foot at Savage. Here’s to running 12 miles pretty much untrained on Sunday!

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