Florida Holiday Halfathon Training Recap: Week 7

FHH Weekly Training Log

Good Morning!

How was everyone’s weekend? I co-hosted my best friends bachlorette party on Friday night with a fabulous dinner at the Melting Pot  (shh, don’t tell our trainer ) followed by a fun girls night in. Then, I spent the weekend relaxing and cleaning up around the apartment, so it was a very productive weekend!

I don’t know about you by this time change sucks! It’s nice having some light earlier in the mornings when I workout and especially when I run but this whole sun setting earlier thing – yeah, not a big fan. I work till 6p, so by the time I leave the office it feels like bed time. Speaking of which, this time change is making me so tired and exhausted, any else feeling it too?

This past week was recovery week in my running schedule and this coming week is recovery week at boot camp. It’s nice knowing I’ve got some easier weeks in overall half marathon training. I love the boot camp and I’m feeling the benefits of it but I am also starting to feel the exhaustion between that and balancing my running schedule, especially as I near the higher mileage. However, I am listening to my body and taking rest days when needed. 🙂

I think the weather is a factor too, I know I’ve said it in my last few posts but any one else in Florida can agree, ‘Florida, get it together!’ I’m sorry but when we are breaking record highs in the 80s/90s in November for the last several days, there is a serious problem! The humidity has been over 90% for the whole week every morning and I thing that plays a factor into my higher pace per mile average. All you Northerners, I envy you! Feel free to send some of the weather south, then it’s a win-win for both of us 🙂

Monday: Boot camp. This week is MetCon week, the workouts are smaller reps with bigger bursts.

Tuesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Wednesday: Boot camp. Mike, my trainer brought out the toys today and by toys I mean TIRES!!! Check out the video collage below.


Thursday: 3 mile run in the morning, then a two-a-day Thursday with boot camp in the evening and yes more work with tires!

Friday: Rest day and my best friends bachlorette party.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: 5 mile run.

Miles logged this week: 11

Total Miles logged for Florida Holiday Halfathon training: 80.1

Are you a fan of the time change, having more light earlier in the morning to complete your run/workout? Or just the opposite, what are your thoughts if you workout/run in the evening and it’s dark earlier?

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