112 days and counting…

The time has come, tomorrow is the first official day of training for my first full marathon! In case you missed the big news, catch up here.

After heeding the advice of my trainer to not go with anything more than 16-20 weeks, I have found a 16-week plan I am comfortable with and confident in. This plan will ease me to a solid 22-23 miles as my longest training run before race day and has me running 4x/week with 3 runs during the week and one weekend long miler.

Prior to selecting this training plan my friend Kim and I were looking into the Jeff Galloway plan. However his schedule only has you run 2x during the week (short distance) and one long run on Sundays…oh and did I mentioned it was a 6-month training cycle? For those following that plan kudos to you. First in foremost, you have to understand for a Florida, i.e. me, starting your training in June during the start of the peak summer season is just asking for your death bed seriously. Additionally while I like Galloway’s style of the run/walk but as my BRF, Montana and I were discussing we don’t believe in his method of training. It concerns me that you don’t build up enough base mileage during the week for your weekend long run.

Throughout this training cycle I plan to continue my CG workouts, though as I progress further into training I will need to scale back on the number of workouts I can attend due to the level of mileage needed as near the final weeks of preparation.

I’m very excited about this new challenge and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be training with some of the best accountability partners while partaking on the race day fun together!

Have you ever completed a full? Have any tips/tricks to recommend for training?

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3 thoughts on “112 days and counting…

  1. Good luck Krystal. Personally I haven’t been much of a runner, but just getting into it and enjoying it! But in case you haven’t, do read Born to Run by Chris McDougall. My favorite quote from the book and one that inspired me to run for the heck of it, “Think easy, light, smooth, and fast. You start with easy because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad…”. Looking forward to learning more from your experience. Happy miles to you!

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