Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap: Week 1

Here it is…the first training log of marathon training!! I’m so excited to document my journey with all of you.

Week 9/18-9/24

Monday: Training plan called for an immediate rest day for the first official day of training. I took the morning off from running but still went to camp. I knew there would be a good chance we would be doing a weight workout, which is exactly what we did with some cardio at the mat and a few sprints so flush out the lactic build up in the muscles.

Tuesday: Today was the first official run of the training cycle. The plan called for 3 miles, so met up with some friends from camp and together we conquered the full three before the start of class! #bettertogether

Wednesday: I actually ended up with almost 5.5 on Tuesday between the run and camp (lots of running in the workout) so opted for 2 miles before camp. Our workout today had more running (hello HIIT week!) so added another 1.85 to the days total distance.

Side note: Look what was finally revealed:

It’s so beautiful, can’t wait to claim mine!

Thursday: Rest day, and I actually took advantage of the rest day. No running and no camp.

Friday: The plan called for 3 total, so we ran 2 miles before class, and earned another 1.45 during the morning workout.

Saturday: PB&J 10K run. We had 6 miles for our first long run so it was a perfect opportunity to get some cool swag and delicious PB&J sandwiches for the miles. And, yes, that is unlimited PB&J sandwiches. They had Grape and Crunchy PB, Strawberry and Crunchy PB, Grape and Creamy PB, Strawberry and Creamy PB and if you were feeling really adventurous you could build your own with featured toppings like marshmallow fluff, bananas, honey, etc.

How cute is this medal?

Sunday: 100% Rest day.

Miles logged Week 1: 19 miles

Total Miles logged for Walt Disney World Marathon training: 19 miles

How do you like your PB&J? Are you a grape or strawberry fan? Do you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

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