Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap: Week 3

This week was a bit of a refresher. We had some unexpected but much appreciated cooler weather mid-week, with temps in the low 70s in the morning with lower humidity levels. Additionally, I had a mini stay-cation Thursday and Friday as my sister and brother-in-law were in town from Portland.

So happy to see my big sister! It’s been a couple of years!

Though just because I was on a mini stay-cation and stayed out way past my bed time the nights I was out with my sister and brother, I stuck true to my training schedule as best as possible, thankful for naps!

Week 10/2-10/8

Monday: Day 1 of India Team Training this week. Today was supposed to be rest day however, my co-workers and I met up after work for a CG social and workout. We had some out of state trainers with us this week for our Total Transformation program for the region so we got to workout with them and then headed next store to a local brewery from some grub and beers. We did have some travel work throughout the workout so added about a mile to the training log for the week.

Tuesday: 4 miles were scheduled for today. This week was Bold week so there were no classes available for the morning so Laura and Becky (another rookie marathoner running this race with us) met up for the four mile run.

Wednesday: The plan called for 4 miles today however I had day 2 of India Team Training this week with a later night at the office so no run for the day.

Thursday: Since I didn’t get my 4 in on Wednesday, logged them today. Kim, Lorena and I met up before camp for 3 miles and then added another 1.70 in camp.

Friday: The plan called for a total of 4 for the day. However I had a nasty headache the night before so I “slept in” and just went to camp and took it easy. We did do a lot of running in the workout so I was able to log about 2 miles.

Photo Credit: CG Trainer Kelly Chall

Saturday: Our long run this week was 10 miles. Kim and I had registered to run the 5th annual Treasure Chests Finish at the 50 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and supported breast cancer research and patient services. Due to my busy schedule with family plans on Saturday we broke up the run over the two weekend days. Saturday’s run was not the best nor the strongest. We did a super intense weight workout on Thursday with lots of lunges and squats and Friday’s morning workout had a lot of lower body. My glutes and calves were sore, additionally the cooler weather we were treated with in the days prior had disappeared and the hot and humidity was back thanks to Hurricane Nate. Kim and I ran the first three miles, walked miles 4 & 5 and picked it back up in mile 6.

Photo Credit: Kim at BootCampBlondie

Sunday:  Wrapped up the weekend’s 10-miler with four miles.

Miles logged Week 3: 22.10 miles

Total Miles logged for Walt Disney World Marathon training: 60.64 miles

How do you hold yourself accountable on training while on vacation?

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