Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap: Week 4

Can you believe I am already a quarter way through this training cycle? I sure can’t! Mileage is creeping up quickly, next weekend I will take on my longest distance in one session. In addition to the increase in mileage on my weekend long runs, mileage is picking up during the week as well. Wednesday’s are our “long runs” during the week so Kim and I have decided to set those days as run only days to really focus on building up the mileage.

Week 10/9-10/15

Monday: No run scheduled for today so I “slept in” and just went to camp, never miss a Monday! And, a brand new camp cycle at that! Logged 1.16 in mileage during camp.

Tuesday: 4 miles were scheduled for today. I used the run to work on some speed work, I took the first two miles to warm up and then used the last two to pick up the pace using intervals :90/:30. After my run I headed over to Universal Studios/Islands Adventure where I proceed to add an additional 5 miles to the day walking around the two theme parks.

Wednesday: I had 5 miles on the plan for today, I wasn’t sure how my legs would be feeling after the previous days activity so I took it very slow. I impressed myself with negative splits most of the miles, wearing compression socks helped!

Thursday: Again, I had no scheduled run for the day so just went to camp where I got in a really good weighted workout in with weight squats > weighted overhead pressed > weighted squat to overhead press. Then weights lunges > bicep curls > weight lunge to bicep curl. We broke up each set with travel work to break up the lactic build up, logged 1.69 in mileage.

Friday: India Team training in the morning. I was able to leave work a little early today however it started to rain on my drive home and well into the evening so I was not able to get the 4 scheduled miles.

Saturday: Rest day, and the first day in almost two weeks to not have to wake up to an alarm!

Sunday: Met up with Montana for 12 miles, this was our first run together since Gasparilla!

The first 5.5 miles were strong, we went on adventure on part a route neither of us had taken before. It was a nice change of scenery and made the first part of the run go quick! We looped back around to our cars for some chapstick and to refill our water bottles. When we started back up my asthma was giving me some problem but after an extended walk break we were good to resume. By mile 9 my hip flexors were tightening up, I believe as a results of still slightly sore hammies from Thursdays workout. By mile 11 I had pretty intense lower back pain. Montana had 16 miles to do so I ran out further with her and then accounted for a 1.5 mile walk back to the car to cool down. I was regretting that decision after the fact when I had to stop every quarter mile to stretch. Once I got back to the car I pulled out my yoga mat and did some more stretching in the parking lot. My CG trainer, Drew, who is running the full, continues to advises ice before heat at the end of every camp, so I finally took the plunge and soaked in my first ice bath, brrr!!!

Sunday’s 12 miler put me at 600 miles for the year! With the addition of Montana’s miles our team hit 2017 miles in the “Run The Year” challenge!

Miles logged Week 4: 23.85 miles

Total Miles logged for Walt Disney World Marathon training: 84.49 miles

Have you ever soaked in an ice bath? Or do you prefer to use heat on your sore muscles?

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