Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap Weeks 6 & 7

Hi there! Sorry for the delay on my weekly training updates. It’s been a busy couple of weeks so let’s jump right into it!

Week 6 – 10/23-10/29:

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 3 miles before camp. This week was HIIT week so definitely lots of cardio (i.e. sprinting and travel work), logged an additional 2.18 during class.

Wednesday: 5 miles with Becky and Kim.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: I had 4 on the schedule to do but in the end I took the day off from all physical activity. It was going to be a busy weekend starting with my annual work Halloween party. We had more station reps RSVP to attend this year so I knew I couldn’t be following asleep on them around 8:30p and I didn’t know if we’d be let go early or not to prepare.

The theme this year was Alice in Wonderland, so I went as Miss Mad Hatter. Make up done by me!

Saturday: Rest day and Disney day with Becky and Kim. Logged over 5 miles walking around Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.

Sunday: 8 recovery miles this week.

Following our morning run, Kim and I headed over to Tampa for the Bucs vs Panthers game. These tickets were included when we registered and ran the Treasure Chest 10K for breast cancer research. Unfortunately the Bucs lost but we were able to support a good cause!

Go Bucs!

Week 7 – 10/30-11/5:

Monday: Rest day, my body needed those extra few hours of sleep in the morning before work.

Tuesday: 3 miles before camp, then logged another 2.90 during class, hello PEAK WEEK!!

Wednesday: Our weekday long runs are starting to increase in mileage with 6 miles this week! I used the run to test out my new hydration backpack.

Thursday: was suppose to be rest day however we were completing our long run on Saturday this week so Kim and I bumped up our Friday 4 to Thursday evening.

Friday: Rest day. I thought about going to camp and just taking easy but with the pending 17 miles I opted to take the rest day to prepare.

Saturday: 17 miles! We started at my friend Kim’s place in Safety Harbor and ran out to Clearwater Beach and back. It’s crazy to think and actually run that distance. Usually when I am talking on the phone to my station reps, I just tell them “Oh, I’m 20 minutes from the beach.” Now I can give them an actual distance, lol,

17 miles featuring this beast of a bridge!

Overall the run was good. We were out four about 4.5 hours. The weather was great and so was the company, I ran with Nicole and Kim. Nicole did have to end the run around mile 11 and catch and Uber back to Kim’s house due to pain in her foot. Kim struggled with some pain in her legs, we think it could be her shoes, they fitted her with a neutral shoes after running the last couple of years in stability shoes. However Kim stuck through it to the end with me. We did take more walk breaks towards the end and Kim told me to go on ahead of her a couple times. To me though, I don’t care about the speed or time, I just want to do the distance.

I must say though, I was quite hungry around miles 11-12. I had a burrito bowl the night before and a whole English muffin with some peanut butter that morning, about 45 minutes before we hit the pavement. I packed a PB&J with me but by mile 11.5 it was gone. We stopped by a gas station to use the restroom and I picked up some cliff bars to have on hand.

I think for my 19 miler in two weeks I am going to try some oatmeal with peanut butter. In theory I really should be looking to eat a good breakfast the morning of my long runs. On race day we will be waking up ideally around 3-3:30a with the race starting at 5:30a. Our corral may not start closer to 6:30a.

Sunday: Rest day.

Miles logged Week 6: 18.33 miles

Miles logged Week 7: 32.90 miles

Total Miles logged for Walt Disney World Marathon training: 163.47 miles

How do fuel before your runs? Any suggestions on what to might be good to eat and how far out from the start of the run I should eat it?

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