Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap Week 8

HOLY MOLY we are already 8 weeks into this training cycle. In case I didn’t previously mention it, this training cycle is 16 weeks, which means I have hit the halfway point! If I am being honest, training for a FULL marathon is no easy task. It definitely takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I have some other blog posts in the making on my nutrition and recovery throughout this training process. This week thankfully was a recovery week, which means the runs were scaled back in mileage, and boy has the exhaustion of all this training set in. Since it was a recovery week I switched things up to focus on getting my butt out to CG more. Prior to marathon training I was out on the blacktop 4-5x/week. With marathon training I’ve been lucky to make it to two class a week and the last two weeks I’ve only made it once a week. That all changed this week when I made it to 3 class!!

Week 11/6-11/12:

Monday: Met up with Laura for 2 easy miles before camp, then logged another 1.6 in camp with a little friendly competition featuring sprints. Monday’s check in at camp bought me to 350 total check ins since joining CG back in September 2015!

Tuesday: Since I ran before camp the previous day, I slept in and just went to class. After every round in the warm up we had to take a lap making my total mileage for camp 1.38.

Wednesday: Laura and I met up for 5 miles. Today’s run brought my total mileage for 2017 to 700 miles!

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: Opted to skip the run and just go to camp where I logged 1.21 miles.

Saturday: I intended to do my long run on Saturday this week but after waking up with a nasty headache, I took the day off with the headache not subsiding till after 3pm. I had a kink in my neck and my right arm was very sore so I believe I slept in a weird position.

Sunday: The plan called for 10 but due to family obligations I had to cut my run short at 8 miles. But hey, some miles are better than no miles 😉

Miles logged Week 8: 19.2 miles

Total Miles logged for Walt Disney World Marathon training: 182.67 miles

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One thought on “Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap Week 8

  1. I cut a few of my marathon training runs short due to other obligations. I think as long as you hit all the REAL long distance ones (like 15 plus miles) you’ll be fine! Great job and glad you’re at the halfway point! I’d be lying if I said the worst is over but you’ve totally got this!! Can’t wait to watch you race!

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