Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Training Essentials


I am back for another edition of “Let’s Talk Training Thursday,” along with my co-hosts Pretty Lil Mudder, Powered By Bling, Half Marathon Mama, and Girl on the Move!

This week we are talking about training essentials! Over the last year, I’ve learned a lot about myself through running and some of the essential running materials to invest to aid in my training. Here are just a handful of tips, tools, maybe even some tricks 😉 that have benefit during my training:

1. Inhaler. Being asthmatic, having my inhaler is a definite training essential. It’s not too often I need to use it, but when I head out for my long training runs, and especially on race days, I always carry it on me. I’m very thankful and lucky that running has the opposite affect on my asthma, for some people being asthmatic inhabits their ability to run and for other running actually helps to improve asthmatic symptoms by opening up your lungs. Yes, I have consulted my doctor and she has given me permission to continue on my fitness and running journey as I am lucky to fall into the second category. Asthma
2. Visor. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I actually invested in a visor and now I do not go on most runs without it! I went so long without a visor at first because my shorter distance training runs are first thing in the morning or in the evening the sun is not a bother. As I grew in my distance, my runs extended well past dawn to the point the sun was fully shining. At first I had debated between the visor and a more sporty pair of sunglasses, but ultimately went with a visor. The visor is perfect for me because it shelters most of my face away from the sunlight yet keeps my head cool. Occasionally if its really bright or if I am training in the evenings when the sun is right in my view I will use a visor and sunglasses.

3. Garmin Forerunner 10. This was seriously the best Christmas gift my mom gave me in years! You can read my review of the product here. Every time I step out for a run, I still get excited to put on my watch and then analyze the results when I am done. I love that I am able to get an immediate full break down of my run from calories burned to pace each mile, even having the app on my phone to review all the data at a later time. To top it off, I am still learning some of the features to it. Recently I tested out the Run/Walk feature to help on the timing of my 3-2-1 fartlek workout.

4. Omeosport. Omeosport is a homeopathic medicine that aids in the relief of muscle cramps, soreness and lack of endurance from athletic training and exertion. My friend Barbara, who is a runner as well, is employed with Guna, the makers of Omeosport, and introduced me to this medicine after experience some leg cramping and soreness after my very first half. I take three pellets before my run and anywhere between three to five pellets post run. It took a few trials runs but now I notice a big difference in my endurance during my performance and less post-workout soreness.


5. Chocolate (Almond) Milk. Ill admit when I first heard about chocolate milk post work-out/run, I was disgusted. Maybe it was the fact that a) I did not like milk and b) had to stray away from wholesome dairy products (for other health, asthmatic reasons). Yet article after article and word of mouth, chocolate milk seemed to continuously be brought up. Consuming chocolate milk after a workout has shown to reap benefits by replenishing muscle exhaustion and aid in recovery. I decided after a recent article in the Women’s Running Magazine that I would give it a try. Sure, chocolate milk can have a high sugar and caloric content but compare to sports drinks as Gatorade, Chocolate almondmilk offers calcium and potassium that Gatorade cannot. Better yet a cup of almondmilk has more than 50% more calcium than a cup of regular whole milk. Ill admit at first I was a little uneasy about it but after a month or so of consuming it I actually crave a glass of chocolate almondmilk after a run. I drink Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk – yum!

6. Foam Roller/Massages. I do not know how I went through my first half marathon training without this thing! This was the best $12 spent at Fit2Run, aside from my shoes :D. Yes, my fellow runner friends know foam rolling can be painful yet oh so amazing once you have completed the rolling. Massages are another thing I get once to twice a month. I see the same therapist every time that they’ve essentially learned my body and what areas need the most targeting.

This cracks me up! I couldn't help but share :)
This cracks me up! I couldn’t help but share 🙂

If you could only have one training tool for a month, what would it be?

Next week’s theme (9/25): Racecation Tips.

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Training Essentials

  1. I haven’t used a foam roller in ages (I always seem to forget to ._. It hurts so good though!), but should probably get back on that at some point!

    I agree on your initial thoughts about chocolate milk after a workout. I thought the concept was weird too until I tried it. 😛

  2. I need to invest in a foam roller. Seriously that’s my next purchase. And Omeosport. I’m NOT doing my 10 miler without something to help with the soreness afterwards! Oh and I LOVE chocolate milk! With everything! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!! ❤

  3. As you know, OMEOSPORT is my total must have for my runs 🙂 I think this would be my training tool I’d have to have for the month if I could only have one!

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