Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Racecation Tips


It’s time for another edition of “Let’s Talk Training Thursday,” I am back with my co-hosts Pretty Lil Mudder, Powered By Bling, Half Marathon Mama, and Girl on the Move! and this week we are talking about racecation tips! Now, some of you non-runners may be asking, what is a racecation? Well, here is your answer:

Racecation 2

To date, all of my runs have been local with the exception of the Rum Run I participated in back in May (you can read my recap here), and that could be considered a racecation. I do have two upcoming races, Best Damn Race Cape Coral and the Glass Slipper Challenge during the Disney Prince Half Marathon Race weekend that I hope to some what make a “racecation,” at least for the Disney Princess. Based off my experience for the Rum Run, and the research I’ve done for my upcoming races the following are my recommendations:

1. Make arrangements ahead of time. Some race destinations are a major hot spot. You want to be sure you are close to your race destination and can get booked in before all the local hotels or rental houses sell out. Someone you know or a group of friends running the race too? Make arrangements to travel together and stay at the same location to cut down on travels costs, giving you extra spending money at your destination.

2. Pack an alternative race outfit. When packing sure you consider packing extra pajamas, undergarments, even an extra days worth of clothes, but do you pack an extra race outfit? Having a spare outfit can come in handy should there be a change in the weather, there is an accident, or maybe you wake race morning and really are not feeling the outfit you intended to wear. I also would like to consider having a second option because I like to wear the opposite of the race theme’s colors so Ill stand out more in the crowd and my family and/or friends can easily spot me, so having the second set gives me more color options, lol. Another reason to have the additional outfit, for me personally, is because my workout/running clothes are my most comfiest and can be worn after I’ve showered and want to spend the day exploring…or resting.

3. Accessories. You don’t want to forget the little things that will make your race experience more enjoyable. GPS watch, headphones and music player, visor, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick, personal items belt, foam roller and flip flops for post-race use.

4. Pre-race, during, post-race fuel. You never know if and what might be offered wherever you’re staying and you can’t count that the local convenience or sports store will have you preferred fuel gels, bars, and/or fruit. Another reason to pack and bring it with you is the reassurance that you have it. Depending on your racecation location, some stores may close earlier than the stores your used to at home; so if you wait till after dinner to stop at the local store on the way back to the hotel chances are they could be closed or out of that particular item.

5. Extra room in your suitcase. Don’t forget about all the goodies you’ll pick up when you’re out exploring the town or picking up those can’t resist running essentials at the expo!

6. Have fun! You’ve worked hard through the training, planning and saving. Enjoy it.

What is one racecation item or tip you’ve learned to incorporate based off prior trial and error experience?

Next week’s theme (10/9): Favorite Gear and Gadgets.

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