Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Favorite Gear and Gadgets


It’s Thursday! Yes, that does mean it is one more day away from Friday, but it’s time to talk training! This week Cassandra, Montana, Julie, Bethany and I are talking about our favorite gear and gadgets when it comes to a triathlon, running, mudders or a combo of all the endurance events you do.

My all-time favorite gear and a must have, is good running shoes! These are seriously worth the $100+ investment and are about the only type of shoe I would personally spend that much money on. Currently I am running in the Saucony Ride 6, and I love these bad boys. You can read my full product review here.

photo 3(1)

Amazon has been having some amazing sales lately for the Saucony brand, so if you are a fan of Saucony I highly recommend you check out Amazon for the latest deals.

One of my favorite apps I use on my phone when it comes to my running is ShoeCycle. ShoeCycle is a FREE app (Sorry Android users :(, but this app is for iPhones only), you can use to log the miles put on your running shoes.


The great thing about this app is you can keep track of multiple shoes, store up to four of your favorite distances and it has a listing of your run history.


No long run is complete without some music, at least for my personally. I have both my iPod and iPhone and tend to alternate between the two. Sometimes the phone can be distracting so Ill just use my iPod, but there are some mornings when I can catch the sunrise during my run I love to have my iPhone on me so I can capture some shots.

Last but not least, my last favorite gear is my GPS watch, the Garmin Forerunner 10. I think I’ve included this enough in my last few posts. However, those who are new readers to my site, can read my review of the product here.

What was you first piece of gear or a gadget that you invested in?

Next week’s theme (10/23): Training and Race Woes.

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