Clean Eating – Overcoming Unhealthy Temptations


Overcoming unhealthy temptations or cravings is not necessarily always easy! I am thankful that growing up my mom always made sure I have my serving of fruit with breakfast, carrot sticks in my lunch and if I was really good I could have a small piece of candy after dinner. I was raised on water and juice and to this day only have a soda maybe five times a year, if that, and when I do, it’s generally Sprite.

As I got older I began to eat out a lot more with my friends. During my college years, every Wednesday was trivia night at our local Applebees. Trivia started at 10pm, which coincidentally, is what the half priced appetizers started. When my team won a round, we earned a free dessert shooter. I was young and could eat whatever and whenever I wanted to. A couple years later when I got serious about my running I learned I needed the right foods to fuel me through prior, during and post-run. Today, I make sure that I have protein with every meal, I have my daily dose of fruit and veggies, which has expanded over the years as I was a picky eater, and I drink plenty of water! I also make sure that I try to eat around the same time every day so I am on a schedule. This helps me to avoid getting hungry when I am out running errands and I make a poor decisions for some fast food because I was “hangry.”

When it comes to snacking, I try to limit my supply of “unhealthy” foods in my house and in my office at work. Though I do not deprive my body from divulging into those scrumptious sweets, I try to find healthier alternative with base ingredients as natural as they can get. Some things I like to snack on are the KIND bars. Every flavor I have tried, I like! However, there are two kinds I like to have on hand, the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate. I am able to purchase the 18-bar variety pack from my local Sam’s Club. Since KIND bars are made with ingredients you can see and pronounce I don’t feel like I am putting chemicals in my body. Sure these two flavors have chocolate in them but studies show a piece of chocolate a day can be good for a healthier heart, improved brain function, a source of antioxidants, etc.

If I am ever craving something sweet after dinner I go for one of these, the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is my favorite for dessert.

Another snack I like to munch on during the day are these rice rollers by Bamboo Lane. These are all natural and lightly sweetened. You can think of these as a rice cake in the form of a roller with a little sweetness added.

My current most unhealthy temptation is an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. While research shows that drinking a cup of joe a day can reap many positive health benefits, what you put in your coffee can make or break that fact. When I first started drinking the iced coffee I just ordered them as they came standard with the cream and sugar. It was not until one morning I was cleaning my car and came across a receipt and I came to find out there was 4 creams and 4 sugars in my refill cup – eek! From that day on I began cutting back slowly to the point where I am at one-to-two servings, depending on if I have a flavor syrup added as well.

I don’t stop at Dunkin Donuts everyday let alone make a cup at home as it is not good for my wallet and I do not want to become addicted to the caffeine. Instead, I generally make a stop once a week, generally on a Thursday or Friday as long as I have been good all week in getting up at 5am to get my run or workout done.

What is your biggest unhealthy temptation or craving?

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12 thoughts on “Clean Eating – Overcoming Unhealthy Temptations

  1. I love how you have found healthy snacks and upgraded with the coffee. Wow, both the kind bars and those rice rollers look amazing. I hope I can find the rice rollers! YUM! Great work respecting your body and fueling it so well. It’s inspiring! #fitfamlove

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! And thank you for hosting this link up and allowing me to be apart of it 🙂 The rice rollers were originally spotted at Whole Foods, but you can purchase them off Amazon too!

  2. I LOVE KIND bars! My favorite is the dark chocolate sea salt. They are great. I am intrigued by the crunchy rice rollers – those look good! I recently gave up my Dunkin Donuts addiction and I actually discovered that I don’t even like coffee, I liked the cream and artificial flavors more than I actually liked the coffee. It was a lot easier to kick that habit than I thought it would be! Maybe I’ll do what you did and have it as a treat now and again. Great post!

    1. The KIND bars are always my go-to! I can never have enough of them, lol. Dunkin Donuts is so good, but the cream and artificial flavors are what makes the coffee. I don’t feel guilty about it when I only have once a week because I see it as a reward 🙂

    1. Exactly, Mary Beth! I love that not only can I have these as a dessert but I’ve had them as a snack during the day or even the healthy grains as part of my breakfast.

  3. Isn’t it funny how so many of us have had the same journey?? We start out running so we can eat and eventually end up cleaning up our diets so we can perform better! I love protein bars as a sweet treat! I am currently in love with Vega Bars!

  4. Definitely with you on keeping healthier snacks around! When I was doing my sophomore year of undergrad, I existed on Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola bars. ._. I ate over 500 of them while slaving over the hell that was organic chemistry (sigh). While it could technically have been worse (e.g. I could’ve been eating tubs of ice cream like I was in freshmen year…), I really wish I’d known about the healthier alternative snack bars back then!

    1. Ha, I agree with you but then we wouldn’t and couldn’t have enjoyed and have the memories we do now of college. It is truly amazing the products they come up with these days. I’ll be interested to see what people will be buying off the shelves in another few years.

  5. Wow, you have a great schedule here. I am going to have to try the Kind bars. They sound delicious. That’s so wonderful that you are discipline enough to run at 5 a.m.! Nice job staying on track!

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