Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Thinking-Out-Loud2Happy Friday Eve!

Thinking out Loud Thursday is hosted by Amanda over at Running with Spoons. The concept of the topic is to just write a random post on whatever is on your mind – fitness related or not. I’ve been trying to get better about writing more posts. While I am not quite up to the standard of being able to post five days a week, I am currently aiming to get roughly 2-3 up per week. The link ups I’ve been participating in have been a great source for ideas, like the one I am participating in today.

This week, work has kept me busy planning for our upcoming custom TV shoot next week. The President of the company and my fellow colleague who works with me on our TV projects have been out of the office at a seminar, so I get the responsibility of communicating with some of our big clients and getting more involved in the planning process that previously. I am honored to be trusted to organize such an event as TV has been my main desire to pursue within the company. There is something so intriguing to me about TV and watching the full project from start to finish in developing, shooting, editing a TV ad and then booking the media and seeing the spot uploaded to the TV station.

One thing that concerns me next week is how I am going to get my training runs in. Next week is my last actual training week before I start to taper. Right now we are projected to have call times to be at our shoot location by 7-7:30am. Shootings days tend to run 10-12 hours and we have dinner with the clients following. Worse case scenario, I miss my Wednesday and Thursday workouts and I go out for my 5-6 mile run Saturday and 12 mile run on Sunday and I run/walk it. As I may have mentioned before I am not trying to PR at Disney and I plan to stick with my friend Sam who has been having knee problems. Though I do hope to get something done even if its just a quick strength training workout in my living room. The second days of shooting are always the hardest because you are mentally and physically exhausted from the first day.

Last weekend my best friend, Court, and I went over to JoAnne fabrics to look at materials for my outfits for the Glass Slipper Challenge I am doing next month. I went back and forth as to whether or not I was even going to dress up but I decided to go ahead and do it because this is my fun race for the season. When  I register for a race, I had and still have every intention of doing my best, but I want to have fun. Prior to going to Jo-Anne’s I searched online through Etsy for some Sparkle Skirts. I had decided to go with a skirt versus a tutu as I have read too many recaps where runners decided to wear a tutu and their arms took a beating. I don’t dress up at all for any of my races so I didn’t want to spend too much on my costumes, especially since I was going to need two! After searching on Pinterest and watching “How to” videos on YouTube I decided I wanted to make my own skirts. Another post to follow on who my characters are and my progress of the development of the skirts. 🙂

What has been your main focus this week? It can be fitness related, work related or both.



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