Five Indoor Fitness Classes

The topic for this weeks Friday Five is our Five Indoor Workouts. I am switching the topic up a bit to discuss five indoor fitness classes I’ve taken.

1. TrampoLEAN Class

TrampoLEAN as it is called, is offered at a local trampoline arena, Airheads. They offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels including Zumba, AIRobics, Boot Camp Style and Endure It. The class I participated in is called AIRobics, this class combines all elements of a HIIT workout including jumping jacks, burpees, squats, sit ups and running relays. I love that the trampoline class offers an alternative to my running workouts in that it takes the stress off my joints with a low impact workout and it keeps my cardio up with all the jumping. Other benefits include strength training on muscles such as the calves all the way up to the stomach as well as improvements to balance and posture.

You get your own square to jump in and do your workouts.
You get your own square to jump in and do your workouts.

2. Zumba

When I first heard about Zumba, I definitely did not envision Latin dancing style. As told in my last Friday Five post Dancing with the Stars is my favorite TV Show and I wish I could dance like some of those professional dancers. The Latin style incorporated for the Zumba class definitely made me feel like I was doing the Salsa. The Zumba class I took was at the local rec center with some friends. While we were all rookies everyone made us feel welcome. What I like most about this class is it is another killer cardio workout while minimizing the impact on my joints. I haven’t been able to make it to another Zumba class but it is something I look forward to taking again.


Zumba Humor
Zumba Humor

3. Yoga

There are many forms of yoga. Recently, I took an aerial yoga class. I won’t spend too much time talking about this one as I just posted on my experience, which you can read here.

Flying Dragon Pose


4. Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a real world self defense class, developed for and used by the Israeli Defense Forces. I first got involved in Krav Maga through a meetup group. I thought it was a good idea to learn self defense because I typically tend to run by myself, very early in the morning. Krav can be fun but very intense depending on the instructor. My instructor was very passionate about Krav which only made him push us harder. In the end Krav wasn’t for me but at least I was able to learn some self defense moves.

Image courtesy of Google.
Image courtesy of Google.

5. Express Circuit

My gym is one of those standard gyms that do not have classes. Though one thing my gym does have is an express circuit. The express circuit is good if you need to get in a quick 30 minute workout. It entails both cardio and resistance training. With 20 stations you follow the traffic light to guide you through the circuit. When the light is green you go, and when the light is red you stop, rest and move to the next station. The express circuit has been beneficial to me as there have been those days where I am just too exhausted and I don’t even want to run or workout. The express circuit takes very minimal effort.

What is one indoor workout/class that challenged you the most?

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12 thoughts on “Five Indoor Fitness Classes

    1. Ariel yoga wasn’t that challenging actually. I know when I first looked at some of the poses online I never thought I’d be able to get into some of them. However the instructors are super helpful! I’ve never taken a kettle bell class, I’ll have to look into it!

  1. I really need to come try that trampoline class with you! It sounds so much fun and I’ve wanted to do it ever since I saw it on meetup a year ago lol. I love Zumba too but don’t get to classes as often as I like. Of course I’m a yoga addict. I have like 20 different indoor workouts I like haha.

    I tagged you to Take the Leap with me in the Prana/Sweat Pink challenge! You can find details here:

    Hope you join in the fun 🙂

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