Why I Run.

Happy Hump Day!

Today I’m joining Erika from MCM Mama Runs, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, and April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere  fora day late Tuesdays on the Run Linkup. This week’s topic is all about Why I Run!

Once I heard what the topic was for this weeks discussion, I realized, I’ve never truly done a post on why I run. I’ve done blog posts on why I chose to run a half marathon, and posted about my running preferences here and here, but never just about why I run.

Running is not for everyone…not everybody has the ability to run, not everyone wants to run. Yet I can and I do. Nine times out of ten when people hear that I run, it’s not until they hear that I am training for a half or some type of race that the “you’re crazy” comes out of their mouths. Even if they don’t hear that I am training but freely getting up before I need to, just to get a run, I usually get a remark similar to that effect. However, I run because…

…… I want to.

I run because it makes me feel happy.

I run because of the friendships it has brought into my life.

I run for the health benefit of helping my asthma (disclaimer: doctor approved)

I run because I want to be healthy and fit.

I run for the challenge.

Iron Girl 14 Pre

I run for the bling – who doesn’t?

I run to because it has taught me of what I am capable and I am capable of so much more than I though I could.

I run because it’s what makes me, me!

 Why do you run?

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